Improving Your Lifestyle and Mental Fortitude Through Gardening

Improving Your Lifestyle and Mental Fortitude Through Gardening
03 Feb 2021

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For many individuals, exercising and keeping an active lifestyle is one of the best ways of maintaining a healthy body. But aside from exercising and having a regular eating regimen, many activities can help with your overall health. One of the most popular forms of promoting your health and well-being comes from home gardening.

In light of the recent public health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals choose to stay home to keep themselves safe. Since the range of physical activities that we can do in public has been severely limited by authorities’ rules, most individuals will have to be “creative” on how they’ll be designing their garden. Not only is designing your garden a satisfying hobby, but it’s also a great way of keeping your body and sanity in good condition.

So how can you cope with stress through gardening? What are the benefits to our health whenever we garden? We’ll be discussing some important pointers on why you should consider gardening and tips on how to have a garden that’s geared towards your well-being.

Stress and Gardening

Since the first few months of the pandemic, staying at home was considered one of the most optimal ways of containing the spread of the virus. But being isolated at home for months can take a toll on the mind and the body. Normally, this is known as cabin fever and is characterized by a build-up of stress, loneliness, and mental fatigue.

Ever since the start of the outbreak, many of the general public have been using gardening to cope. The sudden spike of hobbies related to gardening has shown how effective it is in dealing with stress while also refocusing energy.

Besides planting small plants in pots, such as succulents and other plants that seem “aesthetically pleasing,” there are different gardening types that have also risen in popularity in the past few months. For most individuals living in the bustling city skyline, urban gardening has been booming, especially with individuals who are being more financially conservative.

The Rise of Urban Gardening

In most Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, urban gardening is currently considered one of the best ways of growing self-sustaining crops. Not only will this help with much of the population’s financial situation, but most homeowners will also have a plethora of healthy fruits and vegetables that they’ll be able to place their balconies, rooftops, and patios.

It’s not just homes that can also benefit from urban gardening. Cafes and commercial establishments can place high-quality vertical landscape walls indoors and outdoors. Not only will this add more greenery, but this will also increase foot traffic and the likelihood of getting long-term customers.

Gardening Tips

For many individuals who are familiar but don’t know much about gardening, it might be challenging at first. Even though gardening might have a steep learning curve, especially for those that are not well-versed with how plants thrive, it’s one of the most satisfying hobbies once you get used to it.

What tips can help hone your gardening skills and make you more successful in the long run?

1. Planning out your garden. The first thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that each plant is unique in terms of maintenance, the humidity it’s used to, and the amount of sunlight it will need. Another factor to keep in mind is your garden’s size and the plants that it can accommodate. Are you willing to plant trees? Do you have a trellis for vegetables? There are just some factors to consider.

2. Stay consistent with your schedule. Almost all plants must receive the same care and maintenance. If you miss out on the water a plant, it might need to play “catch up” with other plants.

3. Start small. You don’t have to commit to gardening at first entirely. Start at your own pace by growing at least one to four pots of plants before branching out to other plant types.

4. Research and practice. Growing plants is a skill, and most will take years just mastering a green thumb. To better understand gardening, you’ll need to do your research and hone your skills.

Gardening is known for being one of the best activities that people can do during their spare time. Not only are you exercising different parts of your body while also maintaining a good outlook on life, but these plants can help benefit the inhabitants by supplying clean air and a sustainable food source.

Although the pandemic has stressed out many homeowners, gardening has been considered one of the best ways of letting out some “steam” and keeping your mind sharp. But that doesn’t mean you should stop gardening right after the pandemic is over: cultivating plants should always be a part of your everyday life!

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