How Video Games Craftily Hook You In

How Video Games Craftily Hook You In
04 Oct 2019

Video games are absolutely massive these days. They’re more than just tapping away at buttons and hoping you get the right outcome. Skill needs to be applied now. You need to think about what you do. You need to be tactical and approach most games with a particular style. Pong is a legendary little game, but we’ve moved on leaps and bounds since. You know about all of the big sports that people on this planet like to play and watch? Well, video games are right up there with them, nowadays, due to a multitude of reasons.

Video games have the power to make somebody want to continue playing. While that’s not always a good thing, it’s a smart move on the developers’ part, right? Too much screen time can hurt a person, but as a creator, you don’t want to make something that people will lose interest in straight away – you need to get people on board, and you need them to stay on board if you want lots of success.

They’ve got all kinds of methods in terms of keeping people on side. Some of them are pretty simple, and some of them delve into all kinds of intricate psychological behaviors. Here are five simple ways they do it right now, however:

Ranking Systems

We all like getting accomplishment in life – every single one of us. It doesn’t matter what the level of prestige, either. We love beating challenges and reaching a new stage. Video games take full advantage of this part of our brains by rewarding players that do well with rank points. As you’d expect, everyone starts at 1 (or an equivalent) and builds their way up. If there’s a goal of, say, 100, then it’s very easy to get hooked when trying to reach that level.

Consistently Fresh Content

It’s easy to become bored with a game if it’s exactly the same for months on end. Lots of games recently have decided to add new things to it on a weekly basis. If you’re constantly adding fresh things, then people are going to enjoy the variety – they’ll keep coming back. That’s the genius of games like Fortnite.

Implementing Currency

A lot of games are catching heat for this kind of thing as it’s very similar to gambling. You can basically improve your game or improve the aesthetics of your game by spending real money and buying in-game money. For instance, if you play Runescape, then you can buy things like OSRS Gold and enhance your overall experience. The idea of getting quick wins using your own real money is pretty enticing for people.

Compelling Narratives

Video games these days are like movies. They have all kinds of storylines and, just like TV and movies, they play with people’s emotions. They allow you to get lost in the fantasy world, and they make you feel all kinds of ways. It’s like watching an award-winning movie, but also being in it at the same time!

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