How to Work From Home: 5 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully

How to Work From Home: 5 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully
15 Jan 2021

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While the pandemic continues to sweep across the country and new COVID-19 rules and restrictions continue to be imposed, more people than ever are adjusting to a new work regime and working remotely.

Although such an arrangement certainly has its perks, working from home can be challenging if you’re not exactly employing the best strategies and practices. However, there are ways to stay productive, motivated, and connected when working remotely – all it really takes is learning a couple of useful tips from people who do it successfully.

Set up a comfortable home office

A comfortable, dedicated office space is paramount to ensuring a pleasant and efficient work-from-home experience. Ideally, it will be a place that is free from any distractions and noise. Many people prefer placing their office desk near the window or in front of one for maximum productivity. This is much better for your eye health, too. Plants and greenery can be added to boost mood and reduce stress while also playing the role of natural air purifiers and keeping the air clean and free from toxins.

Treat this space as your regular office space – dress up for work like you usually do, bring your favorite coffee with you, and even go as far as adding a “do not disturb” door sign to prevent any disruptions.

Pay special attention to ergonomics

Speaking of creating a comfortable and productive work environment, you’ll want to pay special attention to the type of furniture you select for your home office. While you may have thought that your regular chair will do the trick when you first started working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic, if the chair isn’t designed ergonomically, you’ll actually increase the risk of injuries, particularly in the neck and back area.

Investing in an ergonomic chair can help eliminate the discomfort caused by an awkward posture and slouching. Working behind a standing desk could also help reduce the risk of back and shoulder pain. Also, the laptop or monitor screen should be placed at eye level and positioned at an arm’s length distance as this will help prevent eye strain.

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Take steps to protect your eye vision

Staring at our computer screens for hours on end may be a necessity now that many of us are working remotely, but doing so can really put a strain on our eyes and cause eye problems. Commonly known as computer vision syndrome or CVS, eye strain and discomfort caused by computer use are quite common among computer workers. While there are ways to protect your eye vision – blinking often, minimizing glare, using proper lighting, and taking regular breaks – sometimes, caring for your eyes will call for a laser vision correction.

According to leading eye surgery specialists from the Lasik CT vision center, these corrective vision procedures involve a rather minimal post-op recovery. This means you’ll be able to return to work in no time while at the same time reaping the benefits of a better, functional, and clearer vision.

Create a schedule you can stick to

Flexibility is one of the biggest perks to working from home. It also means that you are the one in charge of your schedule. This is why you want to make sure that you create one you can stick to. Consider using the MIT or the Most Important Task method, tackling what’s essential first and then focusing on other tasks on your to-do list. Make sure you have clear guidelines as well – set your work hours and let others know so they don’t disrupt your work routine.

Some other methods for staying productive when working from home include using time-tracking apps, following a powerful and energizing routine before work, and diving into your to-do list first thing in the morning – the earlier, the better.

Schedule breaks and take them in their entirety

Breaks are essential to staying productive, but more often than not, we will skip or shorten our breaks to get more things done. However, this can do more harm than good, and you’re better off walking away from your screen and phone for even 30 minutes – this can help you perform more efficiently.

And don’t just get onto your couch. Move your body, whether that means engaging in a quick at-home workout, walking your dog, or going for a jog.

Wrapping up

As our homes are slowly getting transformed into offices and more people are adopting the work-from-home regime, creating an environment and a routine that will allow us to thrive is becoming a top priority for many.

While the process can be challenging, with these couple of expert tips up your sleeve, you can overcome the distractions, tackle your obligations, and stay productive, motivated, and successful.


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