How to Stay in Shape During the Lockdown

How to Stay in Shape During the Lockdown
30 Apr 2021

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The situation with global pandemics changed the way of everyday life in so many ways, affecting every single part of our lifestyles. Not being able to travel, exercise in the gym, being with your friends, going to work, or going to the grocery stores not only makes you feel frustrated but can also negatively impact your well-being and health overall.

For many people, staying in house most days made them gain unnecessary weight since eating habits have also changed due to the possibility of food delivery right to your address. Ordering pizza and junk food has never been easier. However, if you don’t want to lose your good shape until pandemics is over, you better start working on it. Here are essential steps that will help you stay in shape during the lockdown and save you from the couch potato stage.

How Lockdown Impact Australians Well-Being, Life Satisfaction, and Eating Habits?

According to the CSIRO Australia’s National Science Agency online study that included 4,000 respondents, almost 40% of people stated they felt like they gained weight during the lockdown. The most common reasons this happened were associated with an increase in junk food intake and snacking, and not exercising at all. Although it might seem that working from home provides people with more free time, it’s quite the opposite. Again, almost 40% of the survey respondents said their free time was worse organized and spent during the lockdown outbreak. So, instead of spending their free time outside of the house, reading, or dedicated to hobbies, 40-50% of surveyed Australians reported increases in watching TV, scrolling the social media, internet shopping, and usage of their smartphones.

The situation with pandemic has also negatively impacted the people’s total satisfaction with life and spread the problem of eating disorders, especially with emotional eating. So, not only that lockout prevent people from socializing with their family and friends, but it also affected the way they spend their free time, exercise activities, and eating habits. Furthermore, the survey has revealed an even bigger problem. For 41% of respondents, their mental well-being was worse.

Since it looks like the pandemics will last for some more time, and this survey’s result doesn’t look promising, maybe the best solution would be finding a way to adjust to current circumstances and do what the best for your well-being and health is. Here are some ideas on how you can do it.

Plan Your Meals and Beat Bad Eating Habits

The first rule of every quality diet is to plan your meals. This will prevent you from taking the snacks without order and uncontrolled and will also provide you with the possibility to track your calorie intake easier.

Planning your meals also mean you will have to rethink the groceries you use in your everyday nutrition. Once you open up your cupboards and become aware of how many industrial products full of sugars and additives you use, it will be clear what happened with your weight gain. Instead of shopping for your groceries in the supermarkets, try to find small local organic food producers whose usage will boost your immune system and provide you with the quality nutrients you need to intake through the food. So, instead of ordering pizza, try to order some organic fruit and veg delivery right at your doorstep that will provide you with high-quality and nutritious food and help you lose weight and maintain your health at the same time.

Start Doing Home Exercises

Just because the gyms are closed, it doesn’t mean you have to stop being physically active. Going outside and taking walks, riding a bike, jogging in the morning, everything counts if you do it regularly. If this doesn’t work for you, then try to find some online programs and subscribe to them, or explore YouTube, where are thousands of home training videos uploaded all for free. You can choose whether you’ll practice yoga, fitness, or even exercises with weights. Everything you’ll need is a mat, set of weights, or band, and you will be ready for your home training.

According to behavioural medicine researches, the correlation between physical and mental health associated with physical activity is undeniable. So, if you want to feel and look better, then start exercising, and the positive effects will be soon visible.

Get the Best From the Lockdown and Turn it into Your Favor.

Accepting the changes caused by the global pandemic is difficult. Especially because everything lasts for too long. However, there is a chance to feel better and make yourself stronger for some better times that are coming. Changing your habits by improving your physical activity and eating habits and adjusting to current circumstances is the best you can do at this moment. So, start planning your next steps, open your mind to new possibilities, and stay in good shape and good health.

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