How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Family Car

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Family Car
13 Nov 2020

Cars are undoubtedly a luxury investment most people simply can’t replace on a regular basis. What’s more, when a vehicle is intended for the entire family, it presents some additional safety and security concerns that will allow every family member to drive with no issues or worries. For these reasons, it’s only natural you might want to maintain your vehicle regularly, and ensure it’s in optimal working condition for as long as possible. To that end, here are some simple ways you can extend the lifespan of your family car:

Change the oil regularly

Even though changing the oil is something we are constantly reminded of, it is an essential aspect of maintenance, as it allows the engine to remain cool and lubricated, helping it to operate efficiently. Something as simple as changing the oil approximately every 3,000 miles (or according to your car’s manufacturer) can prevent permanent engine damage. But apart from the oil, other fluids in your vehicle need attention as well. Brake, transmission and power steering fluids, as well as the radiator coolant, all have to be inspected and replaced periodically.

Replace necessary filters

There are a number of filters in your car, all of which serve an important purpose necessary for optimal vehicle performance. For instance, filters might prevent debris from sneaking into the engine, oil and fuel filters could stop abrasive sediments, while air filters help to purify the air. And while every vehicle’s manual has certain guidelines for filter changes, it might not always be an exact schedule. Keep in mind that oil filters are usually replaced with each oil change, while the frequency of air filter changes generally depends on your environment and climate.

Protect your car’s exterior

Environmental factors such as the sun, salt or road tar can be quite detrimental to the vehicle’s exterior, not only damaging the paint, but also causing corrosion and even holes in some cases. That is why it’s recommended to park your car in a garage whenever possible, to retain its appeal and value. It might also be a good idea to consider applying a quality DIY ceramic coating onto your car, as it’s the best and most efficient way of protecting your vehicle from harmful elements, no matter where you drive or park it.

Check your tires often

As they help to support the vehicle, absorb shock, and allow you to steer and brake efficiently, tires are among the most important aspects of a car, which is why they should be inspected regularly. So, make it a point to check your tire pressure and wear monthly, and ensure proper inflation. Not only will this regular maintenance allow your tires to last longer, it will also help to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and overall safety on the road.

Don’t ignore warning signs

Apart from leading to more costly repairs, ignoring issues with your vehicle will most likely lead to further, more serious damage as well. An impaired water pump, for example, can cause overheating and disastrous engine damage, while faulty brakes will reduce your braking power and cause serious safety concerns. So, instead of turning up the music when you hear strange noises in your vehicle or ignoring the important Check Engine light, make sure to get these issues fixed as soon as possible, in order to keep your car running optimally, and avoid even more expensive repairs.

Be mindful of your driving

Driving aggressively can not only make you a nuisance (and a danger) on the road, it could seriously damage your car as well. For instance, accelerating to stops, hard stopping, and riding the brakes or the clutch can all increase the strain on your vehicle, causing the components to wear out much more quickly. What’s more, driving in such a careless way could also impair your fuel economy, making it an option that is not sustainable, both when it comes to cost efficiency and vehicle maintenance. For that reason, it would be best to take your time, and drive safely and cautiously wherever you go.
If you want to maintain your vehicle in good working condition for as long as possible, follow the essential tips mentioned above in order to prolong your car’s lifespan, and keep both you and your family safe and sound on the road.


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