How to Prepare Your Home and Property for Long Travels

How to Prepare Your Home and Property for Long Travels
21 Jan 2022

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Although the pandemic has serious affected industries such as travel and hospitality, there is still a significant portion of the population who wish to explore the world. While travel statistics naturally dropped to historic lows in 2020, during the worst of the pandemic, the introduction of vaccines to the virus boosted travel significantly in the following year.

According to research, almost 3 million Americans traveled internationally by March 2021. Today, with the economy opening up and more advanced preventative measures available, you may be planning an extended vacation of your own. But what about your home and property?

Learn how you can properly prepare plants, pets and your house before jet-setting for a few weeks.

1. Storing Your Vehicles

Cars can seem extremely durable, but they’re also very delicate instruments. Unless you take the proper precautions, your vehicle won’t last more than two weeks unattended. Although some travelers can store their vehicles in custom-built carports, you need to prepare your vehicle is you are going away more than a week.

A stored vehicle requires starting, which means engaging the engine, regularly so the battery doesn’t sputter out. This is why it’s not encouraged that you drive your car to long-term parking in an airport since the odds are your car will be in no shape to operate when you get back. It’s much better to entrust your vehicle to someone else who can maintain it while you’re away instead of leaving it in a garage or parking lot.

2. What About Plants

Many people are taking care of plants as a way to foster feelings of happiness and nourishment. Unless you want your succulents turning brown on you while you’re away, you should take your plants out of your home and give them to someone else to take care of.

Some plant owners can make the mistake of thinking their drought-resistant plants, such as succulents, can last weeks without a sprinkle of water, but this is not the case. They still require at least an inch of water every few days. If you don’t have anyone to give your plants to, you can buy automated plant watering devices. These machines can be programmed to dispense specific amounts of water at scheduled times, ensuring your plants don’t wilt and die without your supervision.

3. Finding a Pet Sitter

Pets should be one of the first things you should consider when you are preparing for a few weeks oversees. Pets, unlike plants, cannot be entrusted to the care of automated food and water dispensers for more than a day. Unlike plants, pets need comfort and stimulus of companionship because they are conscious.

Pets are naturally more comfortable in environments they know and so its preferred that you leave your pets at home under the care of a pet sitter. This individual takes care of the pets for a few hours a day, feeding them, taking them out for walks and spending time with them, so they don’t get bored or sad. If you can’t find a pet sitter, you could arrange for an animal shelter to take care of your pets while you are gone.

4. Mind Utilities

Even though you may not be there, certain utilities such as your electricity can keep going if you don’t fix your house. Other utilities, such as your gas and heating systems, can be dangerous if left unattended for extended periods.
For example, if your home’s pilot light gets snuffed out while you are on vacation, toxic gas can fill up your entire house or worse, it can ignite from a stray spark.

Before you go on your trip, make sure you shut off or turn off most of your utilities. Shut off the gas main to ensure no flammable fumes make it inside your home. Unplug all appliances to ensure you don’t use any electricity while gone and shut off your main water connection as well to avoid leaks and flooding while you are gone.

5. Tell Your Neighbours

Finally, it’s best that you tell neighbours you trust how long you will be gone for and when to anticipate your return. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over 1 million burglaries occurred in a single year alone. Your home is a prime target while you are gone and alerting your neighbours how long you will be away could be key in preventing crime.

Even better, you can hire a house sitter or ask a friend to occupy your home some days of the week while you are away so criminals can be deterred by their mere presence.

When preparing for a long vacation or overseas travel, pay attention to how you store your belongings and how to take care of your property while you are gone. This ensures you have something to come home to when your overseas adventures are done.

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