Staging Fun: How To Plan an At-Home Production Your Kids Will Love

Staging Fun: How To Plan an At-Home Production Your Kids Will Love
31 Aug 2020

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An at-home production is a perfect way to spend time with the kids while encouraging their creativity. Being stuck at home can get boring, but you don’t want the kiddos to veg out in front of their screens all the time. To keep them engaged, you have to plan an exciting activity. An entertaining production can be just the thing. It’s not that hard to execute, either, and the whole family will have a phenomenal time.

Pick a Story or Write a Play

Every production begins with a story. There are scores of child-friendly plays and tales that you can turn to, depending on what your children might like. Frankly, the options are endless. In addition to staging a production of something simple, such as “Little Red Riding Hood,” you could search the internet and the library for plays or stories that will translate well to the stage-even if the stage is in the living room or backyard! There are versions of beloved stories, such as Aladdin, Mulan, and Peter Pan, many of which come with several versions so that you can choose something that works with children of any age.

You also have the option of writing your own story. You can get the kids in on it, too. Spending time creating a story together is a phenomenal way to bond as a family. Think about putting the kids in charge and encourage them to let their imaginations run wild. At the end of it all, you’ll be left with a priceless memory, and a script to go with it.

Choose the Costumes

Once everyone settles on a show to produce, you’re going to need costumes for all the major players of the story. This part is fun for the whole family, too. Think about the story’s setting or consider modernizing a tried-and-true tradition. The cast of characters may need to dress in the fashions of the 1920s, or you may need to search for clothing that will fit in with a fantastical setting. You might be able to pull ensembles from your children’s collection of dress-up clothes or perhaps you can splurge on something new. Combing through second hand stores and thrift shops is an option, too. Whatever the case, make sure that the stars of the production have on-point costumes. Give them the chance to use their imaginations, as well.

Make the Scenery and Find Props

To set the scene, the cast will need more than costumes. Props and scenery help to pull the audience into the story. You may not be able to paint entire backdrops, but you can certainly try. In a pinch, however, hanging sheets in the background or adapting the room to the setting will do the trick. The kids can work on the scenery, as well. Artistic activities will enhance their creativity, plus it gives them something to do besides playing video games and watching TV.

Get the Lighting Sorted

Lighting sets the mood no matter what you’re doing. It’s especially important for staging a production, including an at-home show. You may not want to go all out by investing in spotlights and the like, and it’s not necessary, anyway. For the most part, you can make do with what you have. For example, you can take the lampshades off some of the lamps to brighten the room and create the illusion of a spotlight.

It will help with the ambiance if you have a few special lights, though. That might involve stringing fairy lights throughout the room—or around the stage, as it were. Another option is to replace your traditional bulbs with colored bulbs. It can change the mood and affect the setting, which will make the production even more enjoyable and whimsical for everyone.

It’s Showtime

Now you’re ready for the show! With the story set, the costumes ready, and the lighting sorted, you can stage the production. All of the lead-up, including rehearsals and the creation of the backdrops and scenery, offer the kids something fun and engaging to do while they’re stuck at home. These activities also give the family something to do together, which is essential.

Let us know about your production. What show did you stage? How did the kids like it? We can’t wait to hear how the family bonded over the play.

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