How to Pack for a Summer Holiday

How to Pack for a Summer Holiday
20 Jun 2022

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The summer is closer and closer and it means the holidays are too. So, you’re probably thinking about where you can go, if you haven’t already planned it. What’s more, you’re probably also thinking about packing. Perhaps you forget something essential every year, so you decide to start packing early the next year. However, packing for a summer holiday can be exhausting as it requires many things. We’ve prepared this short, helpful guide to help you pack for your holiday and not forget a thing.

To avoid forgetting something necessary for your summer holiday, you should first divide your things into a few categories. These include the following: documents and money, clothes and shoes, cosmetics and toiletries, accessories and gadgets. What helps is making a checklist and ticking off things you packed. It’s good to start packing on time – you should start with the things you don’t need or use before the trip. Also, make sure that you get travel-sized cosmetics and toiletries if you’re flying.

1. Documents and money

The very basic, and the most important things you should start with include the documents and money. Obviously, you need your ID, driver’s licence and medical insurance card. Besides that, you also need your passport. You should check its validity – you should have at least 6 months of validity in order for you to be able to travel. It can also be helpful to make a copy of it. Other documents you need include your flight and hotel reservation. There is also a travel insurance card and doctor’s prescription if you’re using some medicine. Write down or take a screenshot of all the essential information in case there is no internet. Moreover, you can’t travel without money, so prepare your cards as well as some money in cash.

2. Clothes and shoes

Next comes the category of clothes and shoes. Summer, being the hottest season of the year, doesn’t require us to have a lot of (heavy) clothes. However, there are some items you should definitely pack. Having a list is especially useful for women as they tend to have a lot more clothing items than men. So, that means packing some light summer maxi dresses and skirts, in combination with some cotton shirts. You should also have some pants and blouses as well, in case of chilly nights. Of course, bathing suits, some beachwear, a hat and a pair of sunglasses are a must.

However, don’t take too many items. Remember that you can always visit some shops that buy and sell fashion wholesale. You can get yourself brand new, affordable and fashionable summer clothing items. When it comes to summer shoes, you need some beach flip flops, sandals, heels and summer sneakers.

3. Cosmetics and toiletries

After you’ve packed clothes and shoes that take the most of your luggage space, it’s time you moved to cosmetics and toiletries. Basically, you need everything you use usually, plus sunscreen. Just perhaps in travel-sized bottles. So start with your hair and the products you need – shampoo, hair mask, hair oil and a brush. Move to your face and skin and pack your day and night cream, cooling face mist, toothbrush and toothpaste. Don’t forget to pack a body lotion – your skin will thank you! Other toiletries you need, you can buy at your destination.

4. Accessories

Even though you probably won’t have too much space for many accessories, you can still pack some of them. The most essential accessories include a bag or two you can wear with your outfits. A hat and sunglasses will protect you from the sun besides being a fashionable addition to your styling. Don’t forget to pack some jewellery for a touch of elegance.

5. Gadgets

When it comes to gadgets we need on our summer holiday, besides your phone, you could also pack your laptop. However, it isn’t a necessity. Other, more useful things would be a power bank and kindle for reading. Summer vacation is ideal for taking awesome photos, you should pack your camera as well to make some HD photos. You should also pack an extension cord and a travel adapter in case you need them. Bluetooth earbuds would be great for video chatting with family and friends as well as listening to music.

We hope that this guide has helped you pack everything you need to enjoy your much-deserved summer holidays. A pro tip: when you compile a list, keep it and use it for the next trips – just add some things that you realized on the go.

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