How to Maintain Healthy Habits While Travelling

How to Maintain Healthy Habits While Travelling
14 Feb 2022

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Many people find travelling challenging in terms of keeping up with the healthy habits they’ve worked so hard on. And it is indeed so. However, it is not impossible to maintain your health levels while travelling. You just need to be aware of this potential issue and plan more carefully. Why does this happen? Well, when we’re travelling, we’re out of our normal routines, in an unfamiliar place, and we’re given different choices regarding many things. On the other hand, it is quintessential for us to keep up with those healthy habits as healthy is the base for us feeling good. And only when feeling good can we enjoy the trip.

In order to help you out in making it easier for you to maintain your health while travelling, we’ve compiled a list of things for you to have in mind and do. So, you should start with thorough research and make a good plan. You should be mindful of your eating habits – more on that later on. One thing that helps many people prevent dehydration is keeping a bottle of water close by. Moreover, we should be active on our holiday as well. But you can and should think out of your exercise box. Getting plenty of quality sleep is unquestionable for our health, so make sure that you get your Zzz’s. And lastly, you should pay attention to your mindset, as our mental health is a crucial part of our overall health.

1. Do thorough research and make a plan

Doing thorough research and making some, at least a rough plan, goes a long way in decreasing the stress that you might feel when travelling. So, what can you research? Well, you should start with your hotel. Check whether you have a fridge and a microwave in your room. Also, check other commodities they offer. That can help you prepare accordingly. Then, move to the area around the hotel. Find out where the closest supermarket and market is, so you can stock up on some essentials that you need. Moreover, you should check out some restaurants in the area along with their menus. In that way, you can see which restaurants are of interest to you. These are just some, but there are also other essential things to have in mind when travelling. Start with the basics and then slowly move on to some that are more specific for you.

2. Be careful about your eating habits

As you know, food and water are integral aspects of our health, regardless of the fact whether we’re at home or travelling. And we should be mindful of what we take in when on a trip. Since travelling is a unique experience, you should pick some food that is specific to the place or country you’re visiting. It’s a part of your cultural travel experience. You should try some of the local specialties of the culture you’re immersing yourself into. This is one thing. Stuffing your mouth with junk food is a whole other thing. As you don’t do that even at home, you shouldn’t indulge in it too much while travelling as well. It’s unhealthy and you don’t provide your body with much-needed energy and nutrients. Eating highly processed food containing refined sugar or simple carbs can make you feel tired, fatigued and exhausted, ruining your holiday.

Speaking about things to avoid while travelling, you should also be moderate about alcohol. Again, trying some local specialties is good. However, limit the intake of alcohol. When it comes to cigarettes, they are bad for your health wherever you are. You should have in mind the fact that maybe smoking policies differ in the country you’re visiting. So, smoking can be banned in many places.

3. Always keep a bottle of water at hand

In order to feel our best, we need to hydrate ourselves. So, what helps many people keep themselves hydrated is having a bottle of water always on hand. Somehow, when it’s in your sight, you tend to drink it more often. Many people pack their own reusable bottle when travelling, so consider doing that. And one more important thing – it’s usually not recommended to drink tap water. It’s so as it’s different from where you live and you never know how your body is going to react to it. It’s best not to risk it. Instead, buy some pre-packaged water and keep it in your hotel room for drinking.

4. Stay active – perhaps in a different way

Staying active is another key aspect of our health. So, you should stay active even when travelling. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be in the exact way you do it at home. What you can do is walk around the city. It’s great for exploring some new areas of the city and being physically active. And on top of all, it’s even amusing. All you need is a bottle of water, some music and one of the latest eco-friendly wood watches to keep track of time. In that way, you’re as twice as eco-friendlier as you’re walking and using an eco-friendly gadget. You can also plan for an adventure that involves hiking, riding a bike, or something similar. Remember to check the activities your hotel is offering. A little bit of this and a little of that and voila – you are as active as you are at home, or even more!

5. Make enough time for quality sleep

It’s wrong to be guided by the statement that you’re now present in a certain city and that you’ll sleep when you get home. Sleep is one of the key aspects for us feeling good in our bodies and being well-rested. Don’t skimp on sleep. Go to bed at more or less the same time that you usually do, try to sleep well through the night. Try to fill your sleeping hour quota as it will make you feel energetic and recharged.

6. Pay attention to your mindset

Being mentally healthy and stable is also a part of our overall health. Try to maintain a positive mindset. You can achieve that by practicing meditation or doing yoga. The mind-body connection is crucial for understanding your mental and physical needs, so make it a priority.

Keeping up our health levels when travelling is essential for many reasons mentioned. Also, by visiting a foreign country, we are facing some unknown bacteria and illnesses and we need to be strong in order to repel them.

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