How to Successfully Stay on Keto While Traveling

How to Successfully Stay on Keto While Traveling
13 Mar 2020

Traveling while on a strict ketogenic, high-fat diet could be quite the uphill task. This is because you’re likely to face unfamiliar food options in your vacation destination, some of which could compromise the hard work you invested in your keto diet. Could you be planning to fly off to distant continents that are laced with delicacies that you can’t even pronounce? Are you having a hard time stiсking to your keto diet while traveling because of the lack of keto supplement pills and the vast arrays of dessert options in the hotel you’re staying in?

In case these kinds of obstacles are blocking your path to maintaining the perfect keto diet for health while traveling, then below is the perfect guide for you.

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1. Research and Plan Before Traveling

One of the most foolproof ways of maintaining a good keto diet while traveling is ensuring that you research the hotels in your travel destination that offer keto-appropriate foods. Once you find options that suit you, ensure that you check into them, or book a hotel near them. In addition to this, try and research for nearby markets where you can acquire local keto diet foods at low prices.

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2. Ensure That You’re Well Fed Before Traveling

It is prudent to note that few ways can derail you from your keto diet better than traveling on an empty stomach and arriving at your destination in the throes of hunger. If you’re planning on maintaining a keto diet, then you should begin on the right note. See that you have taken your favorite keto diet snacks ideas with you before leaving to kickstart your journey while well nourished.

3. Look for Accommodation Options that Offer Kitchens

It’s easier for you to be in control of your diet when you’re the one to decide what goes into your food. Having the choice of whether or not to prepare your food will not only help in maintaining your usual keto diet, but it will also help in reducing your food expenses.

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4. Learn How to Navigate Hotel Menus

Did you know that you can keep within your keto diet even at hotels that lack the typical ketogenic foods? By simply making some relevant tweaks, you can cut down on the carbs in your food while still ensuring that you’re satisfied after a meal.

Narrowing down to the best keto diet in hotels is easier if you are bold enough to ask about the types of ingredients that have been used in crafting the delicacies available. With this knowledge at hand, you’ll be better placed to figure out the combinations that can suit your keto diet practices.

5. Stick to Low-Carb Drinks

Enjoying your vacation shouldn’t give you a license to abandon your keto diet and go overboard with your carbs. If you are out drinking, ensure that you stick to the alcoholic drinks that won’t alter your keto diet. For the non-alcoholics, you should see that you keep off from drinks with huge percentages of sugar e.g. soda or juices to regulate your carb count.


Maintaining keto diets while traveling isn’t an easy fit for most people due to a vast array of reasons. In this piece, we have expounded on some of these reasons and also shed light on how we can find solutions for the challenges associated with them. Before bidding you goodbye, could you let us know how long can you stay on the keto diet and what are your favourite vitamins to take on the keto diet? Please share with us by commenting below.


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