How To Keep Your Garden Safe For Children

How To Keep Your Garden Safe For Children
01 Sep 2021

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A garden is a wonderful place for children. They can enjoy the space to play, as well as getting some fresh air. You can teach them about plants, gardening, and the wildlife that lives in the garden. However, there are also some possible dangers in the garden for kids. Here’s how to make sure that yours is safe.

Put In Lighting

Lighting keeps everyone safe, not just children. You can put in lighting around sitting areas, so you can enjoy the space in the evening, and still be able to see what you’re doing. Light any pathways to reduce the risk of likelihood and falls after dark. Motion-sensitive lights are useful on the front of the house so they will come on if you arrive home late and need to see your way in. Motion-sensitive lights can also put off any trespassers approaching your home.

Cover Water

Remember that a child can drown in only a few inches of water. If you have a pond, fit a mesh grill over the top of the water, so no accidental trip or fall can end with a child in the water. Think about putting a fence around the pond and keep the gate locked if you aren’t around to supervise your child playing outside. Be careful with anywhere that water is able to gather, such as the lid of a sandpit, or a water butt. Keep these items propped up or covered, so water can’t gather and become a possible risk.

If you have a pool in the garden, work with your builder, such as Imagine Pools to make it as safe as possible with proper fencing or a pool cage. Like the pond, put in a gate and keep it locked when you’re not there. Make sure any young children know never to go in the pool when you aren’t there to supervise them. Teach your children to swim as soon as possible, make sure they have proper safety equipment, like armbands, and learn some basic life-saving skills.

Make It Secure

Make sure your garden is kept secure with fencing or hedging. Keep all the fences or hedges in good repair so that your children can’t get out through any small gaps you haven’t noticed. Secure fencing can also prevent any unwanted animals from getting in, such as wild animals or the neighbour’s dog.

Make sure that the gates onto your property are sturdy and have a fastening that your child can’t reach or open without your help. This makes sure that they can’t open the gate and wander off without you knowing about it, and also helps to keep anyone else out of your garden. A lockable gate is a good security measure to keep people from approaching your house, as well as keeping your children in your garden where you know they’re safe.

While you’re thinking about your fences and gates, check for any loose or exposed nails or screws. These could cause injuries if a child gets caught on them or falls onto them.

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