How to Find Luxury Gifts at a Discount

How to Find Luxury Gifts at a Discount
21 Jul 2022

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Gift-giving is a way to show someone that you care. When you’re buying gifts for a spouse, a close friend, or even another relative, you want a gift that’s not only thoughtful, but that also fits in your budget. When you have someone with a taste for luxurious things, but you don’t have the budget for Tiffany’s or Chanel, there are plenty of ways to find these high-ticket items for a discount. Finding luxury gifts can be challenging, but here are some tips for finding high-end items at an affordable price.

Shop at Outlet Malls

Outlet malls are where high-end stores sell items they can’t move in regular stores. These may be items with minor defects or things from previous seasons. But, the great thing is that you can find luxury items at a discount at outlet malls.

Outlet malls are often located in remote areas, which means they’re open year-round and you won’t have to worry about bad weather on your way there or back home from the mall. Outlets are also ideal for shoppers who want to experience the thrill of buying luxury products at an affordable price without having to go far out of their way.

Buy From End-of-Season Sales at Department Stores

Department stores are notorious for their end-of-season sales. These events can be a goldmine for luxury gifts at a discount. In fact, if you’re looking for specific items, it’s probably the best time to buy them. Another reason why shopping at department stores is advantageous is because not only do they have plenty of inventory on hand from previous seasons’ collections, but they also tend to mark down all of their merchandise by an average 50%-80%.

When something is marked down so much, it’s likely that it has been sitting around collecting dust since last year’s sale and hasn’t sold yet because no one wanted it. Make sure to inspect these items closely to ensure that there are no major stains or defects that would make that item unwearable.

Get on Email Lists

Nowadays most companies offer email lists, including your favourite luxury brands. You can score deals on your favourite Estee Lauder perfume, even from online retailers like FragranceX Canada. Being on these lists means that you’ll be the first to know when they are having a flash sale or other discount on the best luxury brands that you can give to your family and friends. When you want to buy something special for an anniversary, this is one way to afford a unique gift.

Check Kijiji and Craigslist

Okay, creepy kidnapping vibes aside, Kijiji and Craigslist can be a goldmine for finding local sales of luxury items, especially furniture. When you don’t want cheap Walmart items decorating your home, look for things like moving sales and estate sales in high-end neighbourhoods. This can be just the ticket to helping you find the perfect luxury gift or something for yourself.

Scratch-and-Dent Sales at High End Retailers

Be on the lookout for scratch-and-dent sales at high end retailers. You may be able to find some deals on luxury items that were damaged during shipping or in store. Most of these scratches are small and can easily be covered up with a bit of paint, but it’s still nice to save money by not paying full price for an item you don’t have to fix up yourself.

Peruse Garage Sales and Thrift Stores in Upscale Neighbourhoods

Go to garage sales in upscale neighbourhoods. Most people who live in these areas have the means to buy their own luxury items, so they may not be on the lookout for bargains. They are counting on people from outside of their own neighbourhoods to come shopping at their sale. For example, if you’re living out of state or traveling and you want to find a designer purse at a discount, don’t go near your local mall, head over to a neighbourhood that’s populated by wealthy people. You can score some amazing deals on items that may be practically brand new.

Additionally, looking at thrift stores in those same neighbourhoods can help you score Gucci for Walmart prices, and help you find fabulous items to give as gifts.

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