Going Green: How To Do Your Bit To Stop Climate Change

Going Green: How To Do Your Bit To Stop Climate Change
12 Sep 2019

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The world has a problem; the environment is in tatters. Collectively, over the last couple of hundred years, mankind has caused some severe damage to our planet through some of the poor choices that we have made.

So much of the industry that gives us our products and lifestyles has been burning fossil fuels, chopping down forests, and supplying us with products that we seem to throw away as though they meant nothing to us.

This has led to a global disaster; now, debates are raging about where the responsibility lies for fixing this. Is it down to governments to supply greener infrastructure, or should it be the big businesses that feed the greed machine that picks up the bill?

We are all to blame, though, governments, business, and us, the consumers. We have bought into this society of waste, and we continue to throw away everything quicker than we can produce more of it.

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Stop The Waste

Reducing our waste and making more environmentally conscious decisions will help us all slow the problem down. We all need to look at making use of products for longer, using second-hand items, and fixing things. So, calling a fridge repair company will be much better than buying replacement appliances.

Disposable fashion has become quite a big thing with many people buying items that they will only wear once. The material and production of these garments use resources, and the shipping from Asia will have a significant impact in terms of carbon footprint. Think about the cheap, throwaway items that you buy. Just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you should buy it. The cost of the item may not be financial, but it is environmental.

Try and by packaging-free products, and wherever there is a wrapper or box that can be recycled, ensure you do your bit and separate it to make sure that it goes to the right place.

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Use Green Energy

A significant area of concern when it comes to the climate crisis is that of the energy industry. With some of the major energy providers of the world still using coal-fueled power stations, we’re throwing out so much pollution every time we turn on a light switch or charge our phones.

Switching to a company that will provide 100% renewable energy is a measure that every household should take. Showing that consumer demand is higher in green products is essential.

You should also consider how much energy your home is using. Think about turning your heating down, or reducing the amount of time it is on. Turn off lights when you are not using them, and don’t leave electrical items switched on when they are not in use.

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These are some elementary things that everyone could be doing. Bucking the trend of climate change is everyone’s responsibility, and we should all make sure that we are doing our bit. We can no longer afford to think that someone else will fix it for us.

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