How To Detox While Traveling To Keep Yourself Healthy

How To Detox While Traveling To Keep Yourself Healthy
22 Aug 2023

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Life in our hometowns could sometimes be very stressful. Sometimes, we just need to take a break to keep our sanity. Traveling – that’s one way to relieve all of the stress. While traveling can definitely relieve our stress, it also gives us an opportunity to healthily detox ourselves with the proper food and lifestyle choices that we often can’t afford when we’re busy at work.

Here’s how to detox to keep yourself healthy while you’re on vacation.

Bring a Bottle of Water Wherever You Go

When you’re on the go, it may be very easy to forget to drink water. Staying hydrated is super important, though. Drinking water helps your body flush out the toxins in your body for more glowing skin. So, always bring a reusable water bottle with you and refill it in the restaurant or at the hotel.

This also lets you take your vitamins and detox easily, such as taking your nicotine flush kit if you’re cleansing from smoking.

Do not Overcome Yourself with Caffeine

Here’s one mistake you may end up making. Water is unavailable. So, you end up buying your favorite drink – soda and iced coffee. These two drinks might be very tempting, but they can also have very bad consequences. If water is really unavailable and you are thirsty, opt for herbal teas instead. Caffeine only makes you more dehydrated.

Choose Your Foods Wisely

Eating healthy on the go might sound tricky. That’s especially if you’re faced with a lot of different varieties of food to try. Food actually plays a big role in your detoxing – so what you eat will have a big impact on how your body may feel throughout the trip. Here’s how you can eat healthy while traveling:

1. Always Choose a Balanced Meal

When you’re traveling and have different food options to get, always take the one that gives you a balance of everything. That means that you’ll be needing a handful of carbs, protein, and a big portion of vegetables in your meal. This will give you the nutrients that you need to function properly. Pair your meals with herbal supplements and make yourself even stronger.

2. Avoid Sugary Treats

Sweet treats may be very tasty, but don’t overboard with them! That’s because indulging in too many sweet, sugary treats can lead to a sugar rush. This interferes with your body’s natural detoxification process which will soon make you tired and sluggish.

3. Don’t Be Tempted by the Hotel Room’s Fridge

Hotel rooms may have sodas and beers inside the fridge. But, don’t be tempted. These snacks aren’t really the healthiest as they’re filled with unhealthy fats, sugars, and preservatives. We suggest that you visit a nearby supermarket and convenience store before you head back to your hotel to resist the temptation.

4. Pack Healthy Snacks

If you will be traveling to a place where healthy foods may not be that accessible, you can opt to bring your own healthy snacks. Before you leave for your trip, pack some nuts, dried fruits, and granola bars. They’re easy to carry, won’t spoil too quickly, and are considerably delicious. These will also save you some dimes when you’re hungry and need to buy a quick snack.

Take Advantage of Walking

Traveling gives you a lot of opportunities to keep those feet moving. So if time permits, walk if you feel like it’s walking distance, instead of taking a taxi or the bus. You will also be able to see more of your destination when you leisurely walk around.

This is the best workout that you can do that helps you get rid of your body’s toxins while being able to see the beauty of the place. It may not be obvious – but walking actually makes your muscles, heart, and lungs work in harmony.

Give Your Phone a Break

Taking a break from your screens is one way to complete your detox while traveling. Believe it or not, phones tend to make people stressed in a way, especially if your boss sends you a message while you’re on vacation. If possible, turn your phone off when you’re traveling or set them to do not disturb mode if you have to take pictures using your phone from time to time.

During your free time, on the other hand, don’t dwell on social media. Instead, meditate in a nearby park. Look up and check out the local sights. Enjoy nature. Listen to the sounds of the city or the gentle breeze in the countryside. Let your brain take a little break from technology and just be present in the moment. You’ll feel more refreshed and less stressed after the short ponder.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Sleep

Late nights exploring new places, catching up with friends, or spending the night alone is almost synonymous with fun. But – don’t make this an all-night affair! Sleep is important, so aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night even when you’re traveling. Your body repairs and rejuvenates while you sleep, and that’s when the real detox magic happens. So, even amidst all the adventures, make sure to listen to your body’s signals and catch those Z’s.

Traveling Can Be the Best Way to Detox

Exploring new places means a changed lifestyle, getting more sun exposure, and being more active than usual. All of these contribute to your body’s natural detoxification process. Pair this with your food detox, and you’ll surely be refreshed.

But it’s not just the physical aspects – travel also detoxes your mind and soul. You get to break free from your usual routine, letting go of worries and immersing yourself in the present moment. Healthy travels!

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