How To Deal With Energy Vampires

How To Deal With Energy Vampires
16 Nov 2020

You may not have heard the term ‘energy vampire’ before, but it’s highly likely you will have been around at least one of them – and probably more than one – in your life. Energy vampires are those people who are always so negative that they suck the positivity out of your life, leaving you feeling bad when you have been in contact with them.

The problem with energy vampires is they are powerful; their negativity is hard to combat, no matter how positive you might have been feeling before you came into contact with them. However, despite their power, there are some ways to deal with them and reduce that power, leaving you feeling much better as a result. Read on to find out more.

Be A Good Listener

There will always be some reason why energy vampires behave in the way they do and why they can never seem to be positive. It is usually something that has happened in their childhood or earlier life that has meant they find it difficult to have any positive or happy experiences.

It might be that if you ask them to open up to you about whatever it is that has hurt them, they can unburden themselves. Although this process might make you feel sad or bad for a short while, the energy vampire will benefit from it for the long term and may even be able to change their lives – and that means your life will improve too as you won’t have to worry about coming into contact with their negative energy anymore.

Change The Subject

If the energy vampire is not interesting in talking about their past traumas, or you don’t feel like you would be able to help them if they did, it is often best to change the subject from whatever you are talking about (that has evoked a negative reaction) to something much lighter. For example, going from talking about politics or health to discussing your favourite pot shop or comedy shows can lighten the mood.

It might be that the energy vampire in your midst is only triggered by certain topics and that by changing the subject, you can change the entire energy of the room and situation.

Don’t Be Alone With Them

It’s very hard to deal with an energy vampire when it’s just you and them. Their negative force against your positive one is not a fair match, and you will usually feel worse than when you started until you learn how to change the subject or talk to them about their problems.

In the meantime, if you know you are going to have to spend time with that person, make sure you have other positive people around you. It will be much easier to deal with an energy vampire when you have other people with you to help. You may even be able to pick up tips on how to deal with such a negative person for the next time you do need to be alone with them.

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