How to Avoid Getting Sick When Going on a Road Trip

How to Avoid Getting Sick When Going on a Road Trip
28 Oct 2022

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Getaways frequently come with unforeseen surprises that can weaken your immune system, whether you’re loading up the family for a road trip or flying across the globe. Being an adventurous traveler is a good thing, but nobody wants to step outside their comfort zone by developing health problems while traveling. Getting sick has always been a possibility, especially when traveling and being exposed to new environments that our bodies are not used to.

What is motion sickness?

The feeling of being sickened by movement is known as motion sickness. Motion sickness is likely to be to blame if you or the kids experience nausea, a stomachache, or dizziness while traveling. These symptoms appear when there is a mismatch between what your eyes see and what your body feels. The vehicle is driving forward. Your body, however, is motionless. You feel ill because of this imbalance. It tends to happen in vehicles, buses, trains, airplanes, or boats. It can happen on rides or in virtual reality games. It can be triggered by observing the movement of people or objects. There is no immediate danger from motion sickness. However, it might make a trip unpleasant.

Symptoms of motion sickness

Symptoms can appear out of the blue without warning. They might quickly deteriorate. You might experience nausea (nausea). Vomiting, pale skin, headache, cold sweat, dizziness, and irritability are additional signs. These steps can prevent it or relieve the symptoms:

Wash your hands often

As elementary as it may sound, this is a crucial part of keeping healthy. The reason for this is that washing your hands with water and soap for 20 seconds actually does help stop the spread of bacteria that lead to respiratory and diarrheal infections.

People touch their faces 16 times an hour on average. Imagine all the germs that could be spread by touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose frequently because those are three places where diseases can enter your body. Keep your hand sanitizer everywhere with you.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water! But be careful, drinking tap water where you shouldn’t is one of the many common travel mistakes. Most industrialized countries provide pure, fit-for-drinking tap water. However, it might be dangerous to drink tap water in other less developed countries.

Even on your stops at a hotel or Airbnb, you should make sure that place has a RO water filter so you won’t be consuming polluted water and thus getting sick. Filtered water is always the safest option, however, if not found, tend to stick to bottled water.

Chose the right seat

Sitting in the front seat of a car tends to lessen motion sickness because the front wheels of a car determine its direction. This is due to the fact that you experience a sharp turn with less force than you would at the back, which is farther away from the rotating wheels.

Consider the chassis of the car to be a centrifuge. It’s barely noticeable unless you’re standing directly on top of the source of movement. The force becomes more observable and potent the farther you are from it (for example, in the back seat of a big bus).

Be aware of what you eat

You should enjoy sampling the local cuisine, but only in moderation. That’s partially done to protect your digestive system from a radical change in diet. As you enjoy different cuisines from around the world, be aware of the following additional food risks:

• Be selective about street foods
• Pass up foods that have been sitting all day
• Avoid using dairy products and dishes that contain those products in locations where refrigeration is in reason to suspect.
If you have kids, consider bringing familiar food from home

Look into the distance

Pick a distant point and concentrate on it rather than the scenery you are passing. Far ahead of your car, mountains, rivers, and tall buildings are excellent focal points for reducing motion sickness.

Your eyes and brain can stop processing the changing surroundings when you fixate on a single distant point. Look for another focal point on the horizon as you get closer to your current one, and keep looking at it as you move.

And lastly, have fun and laugh a lot. Laughter is good for your immune system!

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