How Modern Video Games Can Help Your Children

How Modern Video Games Can Help Your Children
20 Dec 2022

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You may not believe it, but video games can help your children in many ways. Recent research shows the social and cognitive skills used for gaming have far-reaching implications. The study of games and their benefits is ongoing. But here are some we know of right now.

Brainwave Entrainment

It’s not always necessary to take medication. And a change in how people are treated and how they are helped shows it. For instance, The Insight Clinic’s neurofeedback therapy uses the same kind of technology as VR systems. Both of these work by helping you train your brainwaves to be less chaotic. So, for example, you could experience a beautiful digital recreation of a rolling meadow to help calm the mind so that strong urges can be controlled.

Escaping for a While

People have thought for a long time that one of the best ways to use video games for health is to relieve stress. Video games are a way to pass the time, just like watching TV or listening to music. But because they are interactive, they can go further than passive media. You can explore big open worlds, and for a while, you can forget about your problems in another place. If you wish, you can race like Lewis Hamilton, fly an F-18 or even experience life as a cat!

Video Games Can Help Your Children Socially

A recent survey found that around 40% of teenagers play online games just to socialize. But even before the Internet, computer games were a way to spend time with friends. A few decades ago, for example, children would hang out with their friends at game arcades to get together and play games. Then, when home game consoles came out with the Atari system, gaming became something the whole family could do together. And nobody was to be left out.

Proven Uses for ADHD

One of the first things people did with gameplay was to give kids something they could do so they wouldn’t bother you for a few hours. But new research shows that playing video games can help children and adults with ADHD pay attention. Most video games require you to pay attention, concentrate, solve puzzles, and do more than one thing at once. Some medical establishments have even made video games specifically for ADHD kids to help them focus.

Surgical Applications

Interactive VR systems keep getting better as time goes on. And with systems like PSVR2 coming out in February 2023, feedback controls and graphics are about to get a big boost. This means that if you want to become a specialist, you could take your tests and train in a 3D operating room that is fully immersive. With tactile feedback, responsive triggers, and gyroscopic mimicry, you can control a virtual scalpel or laser tool as if they were the real thing.


Video games can help your children with some of today’s issues. Brainwave entrainment from VR games can control impulses. And online gaming is good for social inclusion. While puzzle games have demonstrated their usefulness in combating disorders such as ADHD.

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