The Hottest New Designers Blowing Up the Fashion Scene in 2018

The Hottest New Designers Blowing Up the Fashion Scene in 2018
02 Apr 2018

Every year, we all say it: “New year, new me.” But let’s be real – it’s April and here you are, wearing last year’s styles. If you ask us, 2018 should be the year you revamp your wardrobe!

Of course, the key to revamping your style is keeping your eyes on the stylish influencers blowing up the fashion world. Whether you’re a fan of floral prints, faux fur coats, or the latest women’s street style clothing, trust us… These are the hot looks (and designers) you’ll want to watch out for in 2018:

The Vampire’s Wife

We may be well into the 21st century, but some girls’ hearts still beat for the floral maxi dresses of the 1970s. The Vampire’s Wife is here to give you fix of retro realness! This up-and-coming designer (and the wife of singer Nick Cave) has stunning minis and flowy maxi dresses, chocked full of floral prints, ruffles, and silky-soft fabrics.


If The Vampire’s Wife is serving us 70s nostalgia chic, I.Am.Gia is here to usher us into the 80s again. This label combines punk rock vibes in the form of killer graphic crop top tees with flashy prints like snakeskin, plaid, and leather. With I.Am.Gia in your closet, you can make a statement with everything you wear — and isn’t that what fashion is all about?

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Maison Atia

Maison Atia is a brand that’s currently slaying the faux fur game. These coats feel amazing (but again, they’re not real fur) and look totally glamorous! Best of all, Maison Atia makes an effort to give back; for every coat they sell, the company transports a homeless puppy or kitten to a no-kill shelter.


Rouje is a label founded by French style icon Jeanne Damas, and it is the epitome of it-girl chic. Damas’ collection of basics runs the gamut from simple t-shirts and sweatshirts to airy floral dresses (so you can channel your inner Amelie). If you want to look low key and down-to-earth, yet effortlessly fashionable, stock your closet with Rouje looks!

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Summer (and swimsuit season) will be here before you know it. But before you hit the beaches, pick up a new suit from Her. This brand is somewhat new to the scene (founded in 2014), but they’re killing it with their timeless designs, from sexy bikinis to Baywatch-worthy one pieces (for girls who want to rock some more modest swimwear)!

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Han Wen

If you’re the type of girl who treats the world like your very own runway, you need to get your hands on an outfit from Han Wen. This New York-based designer walks the fine line between editorial fashion and wearable street style, creating a look that will always turn heads and stop traffic. Go ahead, experiment with the avant garde!

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Of course, we couldn’t finish our list without a little something for the shoe fanatics. Neous is a London-based designer who merges art and fashion to create jaw-dropping footwear. They have everything, from mules to pumps to platform sandals. Trust us, these little beauties will take any look to the next level, so you can always step out in style!

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While the looks vary from label to label, one thing is for sure: all these designers are running the scene in 2018. Don’t let another year go by without upping your fashion game. Go check out these looks!

Happy Shopping!


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