Watching hockey with family and friends at @BWWingsCanada! Win a $100 Gift Card! #5HockeyStages #WHC2016

Watching hockey with family and friends at @BWWingsCanada! Win a $100 Gift Card! #5HockeyStages #WHC2016
27 Sep 2016

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Our family loves hockey. We are Toronto Maple Leaf fans. Even though our boys in blue haven’t been playing well these past several years, we still love to watch them play.

We have many friends who also love hockey. It’s awesome when you can get together with other’s who love hockey to enjoy watching a game together. It’s even better when you are cheering on the same team.

But our love for the Toronto Maple Leafs isn’t all we love about hockey. We are fans of the game, and all things Canada.

What is better than watching hockey, while enjoying a cold one and some awesome wings? Not a whole heck of a lot!

hockey chicken wings

That’s why when Buffalo Wild Wings announced that they were showing the 2016 World Cup of Hockey at their locations, I was stoked.

Why? Because hockey. And chicken wings. And roasted garlic mushrooms. And beer battered onion rings. And street tacos. And soft pretzels. And so much more.

hockey screen capture

2016 World Cup of Hockey

This awesome two-week tournament runs from September 17th to October 1st, and consists of eight teams: Team Canada, Team Czech Republic, Team Finland, Team Russia, Team Sweden, Team USA, Team Europe and Team North America.

All tournament games will be played at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Being able to enjoy these awesome games at B-Dubs allows me to enjoy some affordable beverages and some fantastic eats. Win win!

One of the games we caught at B-Dubs was the Team Canada vs. Team Czech Republic game. It was an exciting game, which Team Canada dominated their way to a 6-0 win.

It was great seeing my buddy Marcel there enjoying the game while mowing down some delicious wings!


There was a face painter on hand painting awesome designs on anyone who wanted to show their Canadian colours. The girls had their faces painted, with Canadian colours on one side of their face, and the Czech Republic flag on the other.

hockey lauren

When I noticed they were getting the Czech Republic flag on one side, Lauren said to me, “I love the colours, and because this is a world tournament, we should be welcoming them here with open arms, because we are Canadian.” Ya. You got that right kiddo.

BDUBS steve and me outside

B-Dubs is a great place to catch hockey with your friends!

B-Dubs is a great place for you and your MVP friends to catch a game as well. My buddy Steve and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch a Leaf’s game, and that is where I truly saw his passion for hockey. He plays hockey in a beer league every week. Steve’s passion for the game was contagious, as we both cheered on the boys in blue with many other enthusiastic Leaf fans.

BDUBS craig darcy wendy hat

You never know who may pop in to B-Dubs…

BDUBS feature

… or what may pull up in front.

5 stages of hockey fandom

The 5 Stages of Hockey Fandome

Buffalo Wild Wings had a pretty cool pack they gave out to a few select media that night. I received the pack, and had a good laugh when I opened it.

Stage One: The Cold Sweats
Tension builds and so do your pre-game nerves.
• Stay dry with deodorant.

Stage Two: The Sore Throat
You start to lose your voice from yelling at the top of your lungs.
• Cough drops to keep you cheering.

Stage Three: The Ringing Ear Drums
As the excitement in the building grows, things get loud.
• Pop in the ear plugs for some relief.

Stage Four: The Hair Pulling
The game is headed into overtime, and so are your stress levels!
• A hair elastic to get your hair out of the way.

Stage Five: The Tears
Whether it’s out of happiness or sadness, things get emotional.
• tissues to dry those eyes

hockey gift cards

$100 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card Giveaway!

The folks at Buffalo Wild Wings have graciously given me a $100 B-Dubs Gift Card to give away to 1 of the lucky readers of my blog.

To qualify for the contest, you must comment on this post, and tell me your favourite chicken wing flavour. Saucy or dry? “Play It Safe” Mild or “Don’t Wipe Your Eyes” Hot? Be sure to include your email address where prompted to qualify. It’s that simple.

A name will be drawn (via Giveaway Tools) on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 (after 1pm EST).

Enter here:

bdubs casey palmer

Do you want another chance to win?

If you want another shot at a $100 B-Dubs Gift Card gift card, make sure to check my buddy Casey’s contest as well!

Note: Both contests are open to Canadians aged 18+ living outside of Quebec. Contest closes November 1, 2016 @ 11:59 PM EDT.

Good luck!

Big Daddy

hockey buffalo wild wings

Disclaimer: I am a helping to promote hockey at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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  1. I love saucy boneless honey garlic ribs!!!

  2. I like Honey Garlic – I like them saucy and I would prefer them mild. I would like to enjoy the wings instead of screaming for milk to calm down the hot feeling!!

  3. I’m a teriyaki girl and I like my chicken wings saucy!

  4. I definiely do like sauce and favourite chicken wing flavour is terriyaki.

  5. I like the dry garlic rub because I am a messy eater.

  6. I like my wings saucy and hot!

  7. I like my wings saucy with the hottest sauce they can find!

  8. I like a medium spice with lots of sauce.

  9. My husband likes them hot and saucy and i like going safe with honey garlic.

  10. I don’t think I eat enough wings … haven’t had ‘Don’t Wipe Your Eyes’ Hot in too long

  11. Saucy medium for me

  12. Saucy medium for me

  13. I also like Honey Garlic flavor & do enjoy my wings saucy!

  14. I LOVE saucy hot hot hot wings! Kinda want some now…!

  15. I love saucy wings that are hot, so I almost always go for the hot wings

  16. I like them saucy medium

  17. I like them saucy and I love having sweet chili thai or more ethnic flavours.

  18. Medium for me

  19. I love saucy wings – with enough heat that you can feel it but you don’t die!

  20. Medium saucy wings are always a hit with me! I can’t handle too hot.

  21. Medium Saucy Wings are my favourite!

  22. not too saucy, and fairly hot for me

  23. I love having the Medium Sauce on the side so I can dip my wings.

  24. For dry wings I really enjoy salt & pepper flavor!

  25. Hockey season does bring out some great foods! My favorite wings are saucy teriyaki.

  26. Mild for me!

  27. saucy and dry, hot and mild .. gotta say I love em all.

  28. medium and saucy ;) With a nice cold beer and I’m all set.

  29. Over the years, my taste bugs have mellowed (or it’s all that Mexican food) but I like my wings hot. Not suicide but some taste is good!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  30. Saucy BBQ wings are also pretty great!

  31. My favourite chicken wing flavour might be their Chicago Salt and Pepper

  32. Mild sauce for me please

  33. My favourite flavour is a dry Cajun rub.

  34. I like the mild saucy wings

  35. Chicago Salt and Pepper are great

  36. Dry Cajun Spice is my fave!

  37. Mild saucy for me please

  38. a little saucy, but not too saucy please

  39. Saucy Honey Garlic wings have that touch of sweetness I like!

  40. i like my wings mild but I also like them buffalo, just depends on my mood lol

  41. Dry Cajun rub for me!

  42. oh I have to have em saucy yum yum I can taste them now

  43. It’s true… There ain’t no thing like a chicken wing!
    I’m sound as a pound with a basket of dry wings and a ranch dipping sauce on the side!

    Make it 2lbs.
    Nom nom nom!

  44. most times i like them mild

  45. Chicago Salt and Pepper = yum

  46. I love my wings mild and I LOVE honey garlic mmm

  47. I like mine with sauce, usually Honey Garlic. Nothing too spicy for me.

  48. Saucy medium are also a favorite of mine.

  49. Dry but dipping sauces of mild or sweet and sour

  50. Medium saucy for me!

  51. They have so many flavours I haven’t yet tried! I do like the Chicago Salt and Pepper though.

  52. Mild saucy for me

  53. Saucy is my favorite but salt & pepper dry wings are great too!

  54. I like them mild, usually Honey Garlic for me. Lots of sauce!

  55. I like mine dry with blue cheese dip on the side.

  56. I love Honey Garlic. Mild and Saucy for me

  57. I love Honey Garlic. Mild and Saucy for me

  58. I love a dry Cajun rub!

  59. Saucy are my favorite ones & I like Parmesan Garlic wings.

  60. I like mild saucy

  61. I have yet to try their hot wings! They have so many great flavours I keep skipping that one.

  62. Saucy, Mild, love Honey Garlic!

  63. Lemon and black pepper is great!

  64. I love mild wings and the saucier the better! Honey garlic wings are a nice treat too.

  65. i like them mild

  66. Saucy mild

  67. Saucy or dry, I like ’em all.

  68. Mild and saucy is how I like my wings.

  69. Teriyaki saucy wings are my absolute top choice!

  70. Honey garlic is also one of my faves!

  71. Mild saucy for me please

  72. I like my wings saucy & Honey BBQ is yummy!

  73. so many flavours at Buffalo Wild Wings to try! I do like the Salt and Pepper.

  74. Dry Cajun rub is my fave!

  75. I love the sounds of their Olde English White Chedda’

  76. I enjoy mild saucy

  77. Saucy, mild, usually Honey Garlic.

  78. I do like saucy but also enjoy salt & pepper coated wings!

  79. Saucy medium wings are awesome, not too mild & not too hot!

  80. Mild, saucy, fave is honey garlic

  81. Safe’ Mild

  82. Definitely saucy don’t wipes your eyes hot. Wish I had some wings right now I love wings. Thanks for the awesome contest

  83. I love honey bbq wings, nice and saucy!!

  84. I’m boring and like mild sauce, but my husband can handle a bit more spicy!

  85. Honey garlic is one of my faves!

  86. I like to try new things I like a bit of heat but more on the saucy savory side. I tried these amazing Dr Pepper wings – it was a game changer

  87. mild for me

  88. mild for me

  89. like my wings saucy and hot

  90. I like mild saucy wings

  91. I luv Asian zing at Ajax Buffalo Wild Wings.

  92. Saucy & Honey Garlic!

  93. I like saucy wings best and Honey BBQ are yummy!

  94. My most favorite are saucy teriyaki flavor wings!

  95. I like mild saucy on my wings

  96. I like the Medium Sauce.

  97. I always want them saucy!! Honey bbq is a yummy flavour.

  98. Honey garlic for me!

  99. I really like mild saucy

  100. Saucy wings are so good! I really enjoy honey garlic flavor!

  101. Mild & Saucy for me.

  102. Medium, please!

  103. I love them saucy & medium heat!

  104. I love honey garlic sauce on my wings!

  105. I love mild saucy wings.

  106. Medium – saucy. I kinda like when things are pretty straightforward

  107. Mild and as saucy as I can get them!!! Thanks!

  108. I don’t like things too spicy so saucy medium wings are perfect for me!

  109. Honey Garlic for me! Like mine saucy

  110. I like them dry but I’m often in the mood for honey garlic!

  111. I LOVE hot saucy wings!

  112. I like my wings extra saucy with mild sauce

  113. like my wings saucy and hot!

  114. Mild, Saucy, Honey Garlic for me

  115. I love the dry variety – salt and pepper but must have a dip to accompany it.

  116. Saucy Teriyaki are some serious wing greatness!

  117. A love a dry Cajun rub

  118. Still medium and saucy lol

  119. Honey Garlic, mild & saucy for me

  120. Saucy teriyaki is my favorite & I’d really love to try the Asian Zing wings, they look wonderful!

  121. Honey garlic is one of my all time faves

  122. I like my wings really saucy with mild sauce

  123. I love my wings saucy! And I enjoy the Parmesan Garlic flavor.

  124. Honey Garlic Saucy is my pick!

  125. I love honey garlic flavour.

  126. Saucy and Hot!!!

  127. We like it saucy but mild. My husband likes it hot

  128. Saucy is my top pick, but for dry wings I would be interested to try the Salt & Vinegar seasoned wings!

  129. I like my wings tossed in lots of mild sauce

  130. I like the saucey and medium heat

  131. Saucy, fave is Honey Garlic

  132. I like mild, sometimes a medium, but not too spicy.

  133. I love Honey Garlic sauce

  134. Saucy medium!

  135. I’ll take a pound of “Don’t wipe your eyes”

  136. Honey garlic is my favourite

  137. I like my wings mild and extra saucy

  138. Chicken wings and hockey season are the perfect pair! I love my wings saucy teriyaki!

  139. My favourite is ‘Play it Safe’ mild! A family favourite

  140. Mild Sauce for me

  141. Saucy honey garlic!

  142. Medium extra saucy!

  143. So many great flavors. I also love Honey Garlic wings & I like them saucy!

  144. Tossed in mild sauce, lots

  145. I don’t mind HOT Wings, but I prefer to actually taste my food, so it’s Honey Garlic for me, Dripping with Sauce!
    Although I do love just plain wings/chicken.

  146. I love mild

  147. I like a mild sauce.

  148. I like my chicken wings saucy & for a little heat I like Medium.

  149. Love the mild sauce.

  150. I like dry garlic ..hard to find tho’. Not crazy about hot hot anymore…..

  151. I love lemon pepper flavour

  152. Mild sauce for me! The more the better

  153. I want to taste the Asian Zing wings. I love saucy wings & teriyaki is my fave!

  154. I prefer ‘Play It Safe’ mild sauce.

  155. I like mild sauce

  156. I like a saucy BBQ wing.

  157. I love lemon and pepper flavour

  158. I lik e sauce mild

  159. Saucy medium are one of my top favorite wing flavors.

  160. Saucy, Mild, Honey Garlic for me

  161. My favourite is ‘Play It Safe’ mild sauce.

  162. I love mild sauce

  163. Mild extra sauce

  164. It’s nice to have that middle ground between hot & mild so I go for Medium saucy!

  165. Mild sauce is what I perfer but willing to try a bit hotter

  166. Mild, usually Honey Garlic & saucy

  167. Mild sauce is my favorite

  168. I love lemon and pepper flavour.

  169. Mild extra sauce

  170. Mild with honey garlic sauce for me

  171. Mild with honey garlic sauce is my pick

  172. I like ’em saucy and I like ’em Teriyaki! Yum!

  173. I usually stick to mild

  174. I love saucy honey bbq!

  175. I love saucy honey bbq!

  176. Unlike the rest of the family, I prefer ‘Play It Safe’ mild sauce. (Why is my Oct. 14th comment still awaiting moderation?)

  177. my fave wing flavour is the lowest level of whatever is still classified “hot” (usually its called hot) and saucy! i like to still have a sweetness in my sauce but i love a kick as well. something that requires some garlic bread or milk to keep it tolerable :D

  178. Honey Garlic Sauce & mild for me

  179. I love saucy Teriyaki and I’m excited to try the Asian Zing wings!

  180. My favourite are mild but I do like spicy every so often

  181. I love honey garlic sauce on my wings.

  182. Honey garlic, saucy, is one of my top favorites for wings!

  183. I like mine saucy & mild!

  184. Love nice saucy wings with mild sauce

  185. I like honey bbq, always saucy, or something with a mild to medium heat!

  186. I like honey bbq, always saucy, or something with a mild to medium heat!

  187. I like honey bbq, always want them saucy, or something with a mild to medium heat!

  188. I love lemon and black pepper flavour

  189. My favourite sauce is hot and spicy!

  190. Saucy medium wings is always a top pick for me!

  191. I love sweet chili –mmm mmmm

  192. I like wings mild and saucy

  193. Love when they’re coated in sticky delicious Teriyaki sauce!

  194. I love a dry Cajun rub.

  195. I am a saucy girl and about 2 stages before do not rub your eyes hot cause I like them spicy as well but also sweet and tangy at the same time sauce .

  196. I love hot sauce on my wings!

  197. Saucy and Teriyaki is #1 in my books!

  198. Mild and super saucy

  199. I love saucy and mild. My husband and daughter love hot hot hot. I don’t have a clue how they do it

  200. I stick mostly to mild sauce

  201. I like a mild sauce on my wings.

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