Math-A-Magician: Have Fun With This Cool Equation Magic Trick!

Math-A-Magician: Have Fun With This Cool Equation Magic Trick!
03 Oct 2023

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Turn your child into a little math-a-magician in no time! This impressive math card trick uses addition and multiplication. Your little one will easily memorize the secrets behind the trick and be able to wow their friends with these cool math-a-magician skills.

Math-A-Magician Requirements:

• Deck of cards

What You Do:

1. Ask your child to shuffle the deck of cards. Tell them that for the purposes of the game jacks= 11, queens= 12, kings= 13, and aces = 1.
2. Have them look at the bottom card and memorize it.
3. Tell them to place the deck on the centre of the table and turn over the top 3 cards.
4. Now, have them deal cards below each of the 3 cards they turned over. They’ll need to figure out how many cards to place down. To do this, have them subtract the number amount on the face-up card from 15. For example: If the card is a 5, they should deal 10 cards under it (15 – 5 = 10).
5. Now have them collect all cards they dealt in step 4, and put them on the bottom of the deck. The three original face-up cards should remain on the table.
6. Ask them to find the sum of the three face-up cards and deal out that many cards. For example: If the 3 face-up cards are 2, Ace, and 5, they would perform the addition operation 2 + 1 + 5 = 8.
7. Then, place those cards on the bottom of the deck.
8. Time for the magic! Explain that you, the math-a-magician, can force any card to come out of the deck whenever you like. Now, ask them to name the card they chose in step 2.
9. Wave your hand over the deck of cards mysteriously. Ask for their card to come forth! Encourage your kid to repeat the command.
10. Have them turn over the cards one by one on the top of the deck. At first, they won’t see anything special. However, have them keep turning slowly as you say, “This is the first card, here’s the second, this one’s the third, and the (name of their card), comes fourth!” The fourth card will be their card!

What a Cool Magic Trick!

Can your kid figure out how this magic trick works? If they do, they’ll be the newest math-a-magician!

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