How To Handle Faulty Gifts This Christmas

How To Handle Faulty Gifts This Christmas
03 Dec 2019

The countdown is on until Santa makes his way into our homes and leaves a bundle of gifts for everyone to open. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but sometimes it can be ruined by faulty items that are disappointingly opened on Christmas day. We’ve all been there and felt that horrible feeling on the most festive day of the year, but what can you do about it? Do you know how to handle it? There are a number of things you can do if you receive or buy a faulty gift, so check them out to avoid any disappointment this Christmas!

Contact the seller

Your first port of call should always be to go directly to the seller, regardless of whether you bought the item online or in a store. On most occasions, sellers are happy to refund or swap your item for a working one, that is, if they are at fault. Some damages can happen during delivery and this can create problems with returns. One thing to always remember is to keep receipts – especially at this time of year! If you’re prone to losing them, why not see if retailers offer an e-receipt so that you can keep it on your emails in case it’s ever needed.

Make a claim

If the previous route fails, you can always explore the option of claiming against the seller to get your refund. There’s a high chance you’ll have to pay a small fee through a small claims court (refunded if you win), but it’s definitely an option to consider. Did you know that you have the right to hire a personal injury lawyer if a defected product harms you or a loved one in any way? They can help fight your case to get your money back and compensation for your troubles.

Turn to social media

We live in an age where social media is the fastest way to get the word across. If you’ve failed in getting your refund this far, turning to social media to communicate with the seller and also alerting people of how this seller has treated you can fast track you to getting what you want – your money back! The thing about social media is, companies won’t want their reputation tarnished and will make every effort to try and solve your complaints. You may even find that you connect with people in a similar situation, which will back up your case completely.

Take it up with the manufacturer

Finally, sometimes retailers may refuse a refund because it’s not their fault the product was faulty, and they may direct you to speak directly with the manufacturer. Skipping the middleman and heading to speak to the manufacturer of your product may solve your problems faster than returning it to the store you bought it from. Just remember, keep your receipts!

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