A Delicious Dinner made with the @HamiltonBeachCA Multi-Function Rice Cooker

A Delicious Dinner made with the @HamiltonBeachCA Multi-Function Rice Cooker
06 Mar 2020

With our lives being as busy as they are, meal prep can sometimes be an issue. We look for the most efficient way to cook our meals. As much as we love to spend time preparing a meal, it’s not always possible. So often, we find ourselves resorting to frozen prepared foods. The issue there is the amount of preservatives and other not-so-fun ingredients you find hidden in those prepared foods. As well, fast food or take-out is an option, but can get pricey, and is not always the healthiest option. So ensuring whatever meals we cook are done so efficiently is super important to us.

One of our go-to sides is rice. Either with a stirfry, sautéed sausage and peppers, or grilled chicken thighs, rice is a great side. Up until now, we have used our 20 year-old rice cooker to make rice. It does a good job, but we always find that it starts to crust around the edges, and the cooking pot is sometimes tough to clean. The time has come to look into a better solution.

Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker raw rice

The Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker

The Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker has amazing functions and settings which make preparing healthy meals so much easier. 


• 16 cup cooked rice capacity / 8 cup uncooked rice capacity
• Rices and grains, hot cereals, steam, slow cook, sauté

• Fuzzy logic microcomputer adjusts cooking parameters to ensure perfect rice
• Digital display indicates cooking progress and remaining time

• Slow cook & sauté functions
• Nonstick 3.5 quart bowl with thick walls for even heating and handles for easy serving
• Removable inner lid – For easy cleanup
• Automatic keep warm

Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker cooked rice

9 Cooking Functions

• White Rice
• Brown Rice
• Grains
• Slow Cook on Low
• Slow Cook on High
• Keep Warm
• Steam
• Sauté
• Hot Cereals

The digital display allows you to keep watch of when your food will be ready with the large countdown timer. You can also switch between cooking functions.

The Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker has fuzzy logic microcomputer adjusts cooking parameters to ensure perfect fluffy rice, every time. That means that it doesn’t leave a crusty layer between the bottom of the pot and the bottom of the rice like previous rice cookers that we’ve owned.

Wendy loves that she doesn’t have to worry about the rice getting stuck to the pot or over-cooking the rice. It stops when it’s done.

Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker digital display

More Than Just a Rice Cooker

The Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker is so much more than just a rice cooker – hot cereals, saute, steam, and slow cooker! Each of these settings can be programmed to the time needed. When the time is completed, the “Keep Warm” setting is activated automatically and will run for up to 24 hours.

Our second favourite function is “Slow Cook Low”. The low temps and longer cook time allow for a nice tender texture on meat and chicken, and full flavourful food that has had time to absorb spices and marinades.

The “Delayed start” function can be used for hot cereal, steam, and rice settings. This allows you to delay the start of cooking to time perfectly with when you want to eat. It’s great to wake up in the morning to yummy hot cereal with maple and brown sugar without having to do all the work.

Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker roast


The first thing we made in the Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker was rice. While It did a fantastic job, it left us wondering what else it was capable of doing. So we hopped on Hamilton Beach’s website to find a recipe we could try for a nice dinner.

Sunday is one of the busiest days of the week for our family. Church in the morning, Lauren’s volleyball games, laundry, homework, and various other chores around the house that we don’t have time for during the week. As well, our eldest daughter Rachel works every Sunday.

Because it is such a busy day, we use dinner as a way to catch up with one another, rest, and enjoy each other’s company.

So this past Sunday morning, we loaded up the Multi-function cooker with a beef roast, carrots, potatoes, spices, garlic, and beef broth… a recipe we found on Hamilton Beach’s website. We modified the timing a bit for a smaller roast. To ensure it was cooked to our liking, Wendy checked the internal temperature with a meat thermometer throughout the process. When Rachel got home from work, she made some sauteed mushrooms and shrimp for sides. By dinner time, we had a delicious dinner to share as a family. A great way to reset before the start of the busy work week.

Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker all parts

Easy to Clean!

Clean up was really easy. The removable lid liner is easy to hand wash and the non-stick bowl is dishwasher safe. The base just needs to be wiped with a damp cloth and you’re done. A delicious meal, prepared efficiently, minimal effort, with quick and easy cleanup. What more could you ask for?

Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker out of box

An Amazing Meal!

Our Sunday evening pot roast meal with veggies was a huge hit. Everything was delicious! While eating, we all started sharing ideas for what else we’d like to try in the Hamilton Beach Multi-Function Rice Cooker.

We are definitely looking forward to trying other recipes from around the world. Next on our list is pulled pork and butter chicken.

What are your favourite slow cooker recipes? Let us know in the comments.

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