Nom Nom Nom: Spooky Halloween Treats 2018 Round Up!

Nom Nom Nom: Spooky Halloween Treats 2018 Round Up!
19 Oct 2018

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. The colours are changing, the weather is cooling off, and it is a time when all the kids dress up in fun costumes, and go door-to-door trick-or-treating. But Halloween is not just a time for giving out candy to kids… it is also a time for making some really cool treats to take to a friend’s place, or just to enjoy at home with family. Kind of like the candy you sneak from your kid’s Halloween stash… or wait… maybe that’s just me. Ooopsie… busted.

12 Spooky Halloween Treats

When it comes to treats, what screams Halloween to you? I have compiled a list of 12 spooky and mighty tasty Halloween treats, sourced from some pretty awesome bloggers. Click through on the links for the full recipes. Enjoy!

01 Halloween Pumpkin Carrots and Ranch Yogurt Dip Halloween Treats 2018

1. Halloween “Pumpkin” Carrots and Ranch Yogurt Dip

Olivia makes eating your vegetables fun at Halloween with these super awesome Halloween “Pumpkin” Carrots, with Ranch Yogurt Dip to enjoy them with!

02 bat oreo pops Halloween Treats 2018

2. Bat Oreo Pops

Kate turn’s ordinary Oreo cookies into a fantastic Halloween treat with these fun and easy Bat Oreo Pops! Your kids will love them!!!

03 Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Sugar Cookies Halloween Treats 2018

3. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Sugar Cookies

Deanna’s Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Sugar Cookies will be a fun activity for the family, and will be a tasty Halloween treat!

04 witches brew Halloween Treats 2018

4. Witches Brew

Having a Halloween party? Be sure to stir up Ashley’s Witches Brew for your guests.

05 Halloween Bloody Bone Cupcakes Halloween Treats 2018

5. Halloween Bloody Bone Cupcakes

Lyne’s Halloween Bloody Bone Cupcakes recipe is not for the faint-hearted, and will definitely be a fan favourite to serve at any Halloween Party!

06 Mummy Sugar Cookies Halloween Treats 2018

6. Mummy Sugar Cookies

Lisa’a fun Mummy Sugar Cookies are easy to make, and will be a hit with he kids!

07 Pumpkin Cutout Sugar Cookies Halloween Treats 2018

7. Pumpkin Cutout Sugar Cookies

Shannon’s Pumpkin Cutout Sugar Cookies are festive, not only at Halloween, but would be great at Thanksgiving as well! Make these, and try one quickly, before the kids gobble them up!

08 Pumpkin patch cupcakes Halloween Treats 2018

8. Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

Your kids will just love Lyne’s Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes for Halloween! They’re easy to decorate and taste so yummy!

09 halloween brownies Halloween Treats 2018

9. Halloween Brownies

You’ll lose your mind with Stacie’s Halloween Brownies! Easy to make, and you can use any chocolate your kids haven’t already eaten. Good luck!

10 Mummy Oreo Pops Halloween Treats 2018

10. Mummy Oreo Pops

Kate gives Oreo cookies a little facelift to get them in the Halloween spirit with these Mummy Oreo Pops!

Bloody Delicious Bones Halloween Bark Recipe

11. Bloody Delicious Bones Halloween Bark

If you like sweet treats, you must make Aimee’s Bloody Delicious Halloween Bark!

12 Asparagus Prosciutto Phyllo Broomsticks Halloween Treats 2018

12. Asparagus Prosciutto Phyllo Broomsticks

Shayna’s savoury Asparagus Prosciutto Phyllo Broomsticks will fly off the platter at your Halloween party!

Halloween Treats 2018 Round Up!

Hope you enjoyed “A Round Up of 12 Spooky Halloween Treats”. Enjoy making them. Enjoy eating them. Have a safe and spook-tacular Halloween!

Big Daddy

Disclaimer: I was given permission by each participating blogger to use their recipe and a picture from their original post in this 2018 Halloween Treats roundup. All opinions are my own.

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