Live Big: The perfect Halloween costume. #StormLiveBig

Live Big: The perfect Halloween costume. #StormLiveBig
23 Oct 2017

With Halloween approaching, we thought it would be fun to pick up a Halloween costume for Storm. She seems to do a lot better with wearing thing than Dakota did. Which is kind of odd. Dakota wasn’t a chewer, meaning she did not eat or chew on anything that wasn’t her food, or a treat we have her. She wanted nothing to do with chew toys in her latter years. Storm is a different beast. She will wait until Wendy is folding laundry, and then play “I’ve got a sock… come chase me”.

On our road trip to Florida last year, the girls put a bandana on her…

… and last Christmas, we put a Santa Claus hat on her, and she didn’t try to take either of them off.

halloween costume storm in car

Off to the Pet Store!

Rachel and Lauren had a PD Day in early October, on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend. We decided to take Storm to the pet store to help select a Halloween costume.

halloween costume storm choosing chew toy

As we walked in to the pet store, Storm spotted the chew toys. They had lots of new Halloween coloured chew toys that Storm had a blast looking through.

halloween costume choosing coffee cup

Storm had a lot of fun saying hello to the other people and dogs in the store. She sniffed all of the costumes, and tugged on a few. She seemed to really like the coffee cup.

halloween costume choosing costume

Lauren would take one off of the rack, and give Storm a closer look.

halloween costume rachel holding storm

Rachel even lifted Storm up so she could see the costumes on the top rack.

halloween costume coffee cup

Crisp and clean, with no caffeine!

Storm sniffed through so many costumes. In the end, Storm ended up liking the coffee cup costume the best. Black dog, wearing a brown coffee cup costume. We’ll have to call her “Black Coffee” for the night!

halloween costume storm sitting for treat

Well we know where Storm’s love of coffee comes from… right Wendy?

halloween costume in wendys arms

We all had a blast helping Storm pick out her Halloween costume. Do you dress your dog up for Halloween, or for any other occasion?

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