Become a Better Writer: A Guide on How to Write An Essay

Become a Better Writer: A Guide on How to Write An Essay
20 Nov 2020

If you’re a student, then you must know how dreadful it can be to write an essay assignment. Regardless of the topic or level of writing, an essay often proves to be an overwhelming task for students. Here are a few helpful steps you can follow that will help you write a professional looking essay.

Pick a Topic for Your Essay

Some students get a topic assigned to them, where others have to choose one themselves. If your teacher didn’t assign you a topic, and wants you to choose one for yourself, make sure the topic you choose is something you feel motivated or passionate about. The common mistake most students make is picking a topic they have little or no idea about, and later pay the price.

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Make an Outline for Your Essay

Making an outline for your essay assignment can prove to be very helpful. If you want to write a professional looking, well organized essay, you must get your thoughts in order. Once you have your ideas in order, it will be easy for you to connect the dots. Write your main idea in the middle of a paper, and draw a few lines coming out of it to represent your ideas. An outline diagram can help make a solid base for you essay.

Make a Thesis Statement

After choosing a topic and making an outline, now it’s time for you to write your thesis statement. The main point of your thesis is to state the main idea of what you are writing about. Your these should give the reader direction into what they are about to read. Try to keep your thesis short and precise. Be sure to keep it factual, and have sources of proof ready for the body of your essay.

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Write Your Essay Introduction

After writing a thesis, now you must focus on writing a good introduction for your essay. Make sure your introduction can show the real purpose of your essay while grabbing your reader’s attention. An introduction is one of the most important parts of your essay, as a good written introduction can easily interest capture the reader’s undivided attention. A good way to start is to use an attention grabber or a fascinating quote, something that will build your reader’s interest.

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Write the Body of Your Essay

The body (or guts) of your essay is where you argue, describe, or explain your chosen topic. Your thesis will be disected throughout the body of your essay.

Each paragraph in the body will have a similar structure – an introductory sentence, supporting ideas, detailed examples to support your position. You can start off by writing your notes in point form, and then move things around to help create a solid paragraph. Once you have your information in this structure, go back and see where you can add some more valuable information to help support the statements you made, and form your thoughts into sentences. Do this for each paragraph.

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Write a Conclusion for Your Essay

The conclusion has to be detailed enough to answer all the questions that your readers may have. Most students make the mistake of adding new details in their conclusion, which can be misleading to the reader. According to Dissertations help UK, avoid adding anything new in your conclusion. A conclusion has to be detailed, yet to the point.

Piece de Resistance

After you have chosen your topic, created an outline, made your thesis, written a compelling introduction, worked hard on the body, and finished off with an outstanding conclusion, there is still work to be done.

After reading what you have written, ask yourself these questions:
1. Is your essay’s introduction captivating?
2. Where can you add things to make what you have written seem more credible, or valuable?
3. Do paragraphs need to be moved around in your essay to put things in better order?
4. Is your essay smooth flowing and easy to read?
5. Did you start and end the body of your essay with your strongest points?
6. Does the format of your essay follow your teacher’s instructions?
7. Does your conclusion wrap things up effectively?

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Proofreading Your Essay

Another common mistake students usually make is submitting their essay without proofreading it. Regardless of how good you think your writing is, always proofread your essay before submitting. If available, have one or more people proofread it after you. Eliminate all spelling, grammatical, and structural errors before submitting it to your teacher.

Hopefully this easy guide will help you write an essay that will be proud of, and one your teacher will love. Good luck!

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