Glamping in the USA: The luxury camping trend that is taking over the travel world

Glamping in the USA: The luxury camping trend that is taking over the travel world
26 Apr 2019

Glamping is a term that is being heard more and more in the vacation and travel world. It is a trend that started in the UK, but the glamping trend is growing like wildfire in the US.

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What exactly is glamping? Glamping blends the two words glamorous and camping together. It describes a style of camping with amenities or luxury services not usually associated with traditional camping. Although the term may be relatively new, the concept has been around for quite a while and is growing into something extraordinary.

Glamping is a type of vacation where you can explore the world through adventure and experiences without giving up the comforts of home. Even with electricity, jacuzzi tubs, high-quality mattresses, and linens, etc. you will without a doubt have incredible access to the outdoors. Glamping will allow you to be as immersed in nature as you want to be.

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While most people have seen photos of the beautiful safari tents, numerous other accommodations can be considered glamping. From tipis, beautiful tree houses, shipping containers that have been transformed into a quirky place to stay, tiny homes, yurts, etc. There is no shortage of fantastic glamping structures that will give you a mixture of luxury and the great outdoors.

Glamping. Any Time. Any Place.

Another great thing about glamping is that you can go at any time of the year. Glamping allows you to have the comforts you desire. So, any time is the right time to go glamping. No matter what the season may be, each location has its own interests you can enjoy. Imagine enjoying hot chocolate as you snuggle next to a fire pit on a beautiful winter day. Or, taking long walks down an empty beach. The sky’s the limit, and you can make your trip as luxurious as you desire.

glamping treehouse cali


If you’re in California and want to hike in the ancient redwood forests or prefer to enjoy sandy beaches, a luxury tree house near Monterey Bay may be the place for you.

pennsylvanie a frame


Traveling to Robesonia, Pennsylvania? This stunning A-frame cabin makes the perfect couples’ getaway. Tucked away on a lovely plot of land, this accommodation has everything needed for a relaxing stay for up to two guests.

glamping cabin NY

New York

If you’re wanting to explore the woodlands in Upstate New York, there are cozy, Handcrafted Timbered Huts with Wood-Burning Stoves that might suit your mood.

cozy Safari tents finger lakes

Or, if you are thinking of visiting the Finger Lakes region for some great sightseeing and wine tours, these cozy Safari tents are pretty awesome. They are custom built on an elevated wood platform and nestled perfectly into a secluded forest setting. Privacy, and luxury!

No matter where you’re headed, you can find excellent glamping locations all over the US that can fit all your wants and needs from a vacation.


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