Get The Me Time You Need With A Solo Road Trip

Get The Me Time You Need With A Solo Road Trip
26 Mar 2021

Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

We all need me time to recharge our batteries. The concept of me time sounds brilliant. It’s about making yourself a priority in your tight schedule. The only problem with the whole idea of putting yourself first is the practicality of it. Sure, I’d like some me time, you say. I just don’t really know how and when.

We’ve all been there. Granted, we can all squeeze in a few moments to listen to music during the commute journey to work or to indulge a little longer in the warmth and quiet of the shower in the morning. But does that count as restful and energizing me time? The answer is a big, fat NO.

Unfortunately, we are social creatures who are trained to divide our time between our careers and our families. It’s almost a default. If you are not working, you should be giving your family 100% of your attention. The idea is also at the core of most mainstream movies and books. So, it’s difficult to put yourself first without experiencing guilt feelings.

That is precisely why you need to approach me time with a plan. After year-long pandemic anxiety, it becomes essential to schedule some time for yourself, away from the stress of the routine. As soon as it is safe to do so, you should consider planning a solo road trip. A road trip allows you to escape from the daily chores and worries of work, household, and family. Leave it behind you for a brief moment. How long your road trip will be depends entirely on you. Some people need a few days to release all the stress they’ve accumulated during the year. Others can already feel as light as a feather in a matter of hours. There is no right or wrong when it comes to recharging your batteries. What matters is to forget about your routine and make yourself a priority in your life again. Ultimately, you can’t perform or be there for your family if you can’t be there for yourself first. Enjoy the peace of the journey on the road. Seize the opportunity to reconnect with your thoughts and fall back in love with the landscapes around you.

Here’s our little no BS guide on how to use your solo road trip as an energizing, soothing, and inspiring break for your mind and your body.

The vehicle of choice

Ideally, when you go on a solo road trip, you want to take with you a reliable vehicle you can trust. The thrill of the journey is likely to be tempered down if you’ve got to make an emergency break because the engine is overheating or you don’t know how to fix the squeaky sounds of the suspension. Whether you’ve recently got your driving license or you’re a seasonal driver, you need to consider how comfortable you feel with your road trip vehicle. It’s best to take the road with a vehicle you are already familiar with, as it will avoid many hassles on the way!

Before gearing up, you want to read through some of the best tips on how to stay safe on the road, such as this guide for motorcycle riders, for instance. The last thing you want is to forget to pack something essential, such as your toolbox or your eye protection, for example.

Also, you want to make sure you’ve got your insurance policy up to date, especially if your road trip is taking you out of state.

Dress for the part

It may not be a question that comes to mind immediately, but thinking about what to wear on the road is never a waste of your time. It’s a road trip, you think, I don’t need to dress up for the occasion. True, you don’t need to dress up. But you want to pick outfits that will work for you on the road. So, here are some considerations to help you with your choices.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with taking your old leather jacket for a ride in the sun. Not only does a good leather jacket pull your road trip outfit together, but it’s also hugely versatile. It holds together against sudden weather changes. From harsh sun to violent rain, a good leather jacket keeps you protected and stylish. You can’t say the same about other garments that can fade quickly or get wet. When you can’t take your whole wardrobe with you, leather jacket and jeans are the way forward.

Your trousers need to be comfortable enough for the ride without losing their shape. You want to be able to stop and wander around without needing to get changed!

Finally, your shoes need to be comfortable, supportive, and versatile. They should sustain weather changes and prolonged sitting without losing their shape or protection. But at the same time, you don’t want to appear overgeared when you get out of the car!

Create memories on the way

Life is about making memories. This remains true of your road trip. Capturing pictures of the sceneries you drive through and the people and creatures you meet is therapeutic. It is a way of exposing your vision in a click. You channel your emotions as you decide to let the image speak for you.

While this sounds fancy and artsy, it doesn’t mean you need to be a professional photographer to bring a new dimension to your road trip. On the contrary, there are plenty of online resources that can highlight some of the best tips and tricks used by photographers. The best photographers are those who can convey the emotions of the moment in a photo. You are not recording those little scenes for a commercial purpose. You are simply letting your raw emotions wander around you, listening to what they say. It is a personal and intimate exercise that helps create beauty on the go. We all want to remember beautiful things. The more you express yourself through your photos, the more the road trip takes a unique meaning.

Photo by Duncan Adler on Unsplash

Reconnect with your surroundings

You can”t capture memories if you are not in a mental place where you can interact with what’s around you. Whether you are driving through a rural area or crossing town, make it a habit to stop from time to tie. Park the vehicle and allow yourself to be distracted by the things you see and hear. Simple interactions can transform your road trip. Most people believe that striking conversations at random with strangers is by far the cheapest form of therapy. When you consider that a solo road trip is all about boosting your mental health, it would seem logical to add social interactions to your journey. Talking to someone you don’t go forces you out of your shell, and also encourages you to be on your best behaviour. Before you know it, you’ll feel more confident and somehow happier in your skin when you break social silences.

Be spontaneous

Not completely spontaneous of course, but leaving room for free decisions and plan changes can give your road trip a new dimension. When you follow a strict route and schedule, you ultimately reproduce the same debilitating discipline as in your day-to-day work or household duties. But your solo road trip is about breaking from the routine to explore your emotions and your thoughts. Therefore, it makes sense to leave room for spontaneity. Don’t be shy about asking the locals for recommendations on the best site for photos or the best restaurant. There is no need to be disciplined when you are on a self-(re)discovery journey.

Accept that it’s not a competition

It’s a road trip for yourself. You are not going to measure how successful it’s been by tracking distance, time, or speed. Will your me time journey on the road be more soothing if you cover the farthest distance? You’ve already guessed that the answer is no. It’s all about being kind to yourself and exploring your own emotions and expectations in life. Your feelings are not a competition. As long as you feel more like yourself in the end, the road trip is a success.

Record your thoughts

The human brain produces millions of thoughts during the day. However, we rarely take the time to explore all of those. More often than not, ideas come and go, and they are forgotten by the next moment because we’ve got no time to waste. But this road trip is different. You are on a journey to yourself. Therefore, you want to hold onto the thoughts you enjoy and write them down. You want to watch them grow and evolve. It could start from a simple idea at the beginning of the journey. You are stressed out in your job. But then it can evolve into the realization of something bigger that gives you a new direction. You understand that you are unhappy in your job and you decide to start your venture. You fill your road trip journal with business ideas for your entrepreneurship journey. This could be the road trip that changes your life.

Planning your next solo road trip is the perfect occasion to put your mental and emotional health first. Too many people don’t schedule enough me time into their busy agendas. The more you think about me time as an act of self-care, the more you can turn your road trip into a positive self-discovery adventure.

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