Gaming vs Hollywood: The Growth Of The Entertainment Industry

Gaming vs Hollywood: The Growth Of The Entertainment Industry
21 Apr 2020

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Entertainment has been around for centuries, it is a necessity in our lives. Everyone wants to be entertained. Without entertainment life would be dull and boring. We can find entertainment in many forms, each of which we come across on a daily basis in our lives, whether it’s listening to music, watching a movie or playing a video game. When it comes to the entertainment industry, what would someone picture? Glamourous movie awards like the Grammys or the Oscars or maybe music awards. But there’s also one rising aspect which is set to grow bigger than any form of entertainment we have seen before.

The Video Gaming industry is in the process of taking over the entertainment sector by storm. With games becoming more immersive than ever, and constantly becoming clearer and clearer, we soon will not be able to distinguish the difference between a virtual rendering and a scene in a movie.

In just a few years the gaming industry has grown larger than both the movie and music industries combined together. In fact, according to an article by Online Casino Betway, in 2020, the worldwide gaming market is anticipated to generate over 150 billion USD, whereas the global music industry is worth about 20 billion USD and the movie industry about 45 billion USD.

Gaming has undoubtedly grown massively in the last decade, from a simple 8 bit motion picture setup with a few movement controls to reach a particular goal which is restarted every time the goal is reached to more immersive, realistic graphics, open world games with multiple quests or goals, with an endless array of activities to try out along with a main storyline to follow in just one video game. The versatility and huge number of options in the gaming sector makes it unbeatable in the entertainment industry, with professional game producers creating games of anything we can possibly imagine.

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When we look at statistics, we can see that movies sometimes do make a bigger success than games, but it seems that big video games have a more successful average than blockbuster movies at the top of the charts. As we can see in the chart that follows, which shows us the millions of US dollars generated by the top 10 games and movies up to this day;

Another growing aspect in the gaming industry is mobile gaming, which is producing larger amounts of revenue each year. A major part of the mobile gaming industry is the online gambling market. With online casinos becoming a worldwide phenomenon due to the major ease of access, through any smartphone or digital device which is connected to the internet, casinos are no longer the only place where we can enjoy placing some thrilling wagers like super bowl bets. We see countless online casino companies where we can learn all about the growing market of gaming and online casinos, and even try out the experience of betting online.

As we can see, Gaming is no longer just a simple hobby, it’s a huge market with big capability and has become the biggest means of entertainment in the world. It has been growing ever since the beginning and will keep on growing and becoming more immersive and realistic than we can ever imagine. Thanks to the geniuses that come up with the amazing innovations and technological advancements that allow us to have such a wonderful and enjoyable gaming experience.

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