Friendly Travel Tips When Traveling To Minneapolis

Friendly Travel Tips When Traveling To Minneapolis
30 Jun 2021

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Minneapolis always ranks high on one of the best places to live and it’s not just because of the “Minnesota Nice ” stereotype. Many search “is there anything fun to do in Minnesota?” and the answer is yes!

There are plenty of fun things to do in Minnesota, you just have to find them and know where to look. Families will love the Minnesota Zoo while lovers of the arts and culture can marvel at the Walker Art Center or catch a show at the Guthrie Theater.

There’s a little something for everyone here in Minneapolis. This list will give you some must-see’s and travel tips when visiting the beautiful city of Minneapolis and help you find your favourite spots.

What to eat

People don’t know that Minneapolis has some of the best restaurants in the country. First, you must try the classic “Juicy Lucy,” also known as an insanely good cheeseburger with the cheese in the core of the patty invented in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Can’t be better than that! There are plenty of restaurants nailing the Juicy Lucy, but some favorites are 5-8 Club, Matt’s Bar, and Peppers and Fries.

You’ll also want to check out the ethnic food scene in Minneapolis. Eat Street in South Minneapolis has an abundance of choices of different types of cuisines. You’re guaranteed to find almost every nationality whether it be Jamaican at Pimento Jamaican Kitchen or Jasmine Deli for Vietnamese.

If you’re in for a more posh experience, check out one of the many luxury restaurants from acclaimed chefs like Demi, Martina, and Billy Sushi – you’ll have a blast!

Oh, and don’t stop before dessert. Stop by one of the many amazing bakeries and ice cream shops around the city like the Bellecour Bakery and Cooks of Crocus Hill and Milkjam Creamery.

Where to drink

Minneapolis is known for its incredible breweries. It’s completely underrated as a beer destination with breweries and restaurants like Betty Danger’s Country Club, Bryant Lake Bowl, Stella’s, Summit Brewing, and 612.

Plenty of the restaurants mentioned earlier have delicious cocktails that can’t be found anywhere else. Some cocktail bars are hidden, so half the fun is finding them!

Where to spend the day

The best place to spend the day is by the lake. Take a bike ride through the Minneapolis chain of lakes and take in all of the scenic views. If you want to see absolutely everything, take The Grand Rounds tour which is approximately 51 miles and you will get to see all of Minneapolis.

The North Loop is a fantastic location, as well. It has just about everything you could want, regardless of the time of year. Historical sites, theaters, and parks all line the beautiful section of the city. Not to mention the many great restaurants talked about earlier line the streets of the North Loop.

If you are looking for some animals or are traveling with kids, make a day out of the Como Zoo. It’s free with a variety of animals and has a conservatory with beautiful flowers.

And if you are looking for the arts, head to the Minneapolis Institute of Art or the Walker Art Center to explore stunning art pieces and installations. The Walker also has an awesome sculpture garden outside that you can walk around in, as well as a fun mini-golf course! Take a tour on a rainy day, play a round of mini-golf, or have a picnic in the sculpture garden.

Minneapolis at night

Now you’ve spent a splendid day in the city, ate at some of the best restaurants, and drank at some awesome local breweries, what next? Nightlife! Minneapolis has some riveting and fun nightlife you won’t want to miss.

Get the best out of Minneapolis nightlife with prohibition and speakeasy-themed bars like the Pourhouse with live music and bottle service to have the time of your life in downtown. Night-style breweries like the Green Line Brewery District are great for continuing your beer hopping journey.

Head over to the Varsity Theater for some incredible avant-garde performances. Productions have included acclaimed theatre performances, independent films and a visiting dance company. The venue has also hosted many world-famous singers and musicians, among them Mumford and Sons, Janelle Monaé and Amy Winehouse.

If you are looking for a more relaxed and chill type of night, go Uptown where the clubs give way to relaxed rooftop bars and patios, cozy restaurants and homey diners.

Oh, and I can’t help but mention First Avenue, Minneapolis’s iconic club where Prince loved to perform. First Avenue is also home to Minneapolis’ own Hall of Fame, a wall of silver stars for each artist who performed there. Prince’s star is gold, of course.

Minneapolis – an amazing city

Whether you want to relax by a lake or party it up at a speakeasy style bar, Minneapolis has a little something for everyone. Take your time enjoying the tasty restaurants, the vivacious nightlife, and beautiful scenery.

Regardless of the weather, although be prepared for the winters because they can be a little painful, the city sparkles. Minneapolis might just be that diamond in the rough, because it certainly doesn’t get the credit it deserves!

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