FOMO on Sports Action while Travelling: Worry No More

FOMO on Sports Action while Travelling: Worry No More
19 Oct 2021

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Most people in Canada used to be rather worried that if they chose to travel for the weekend, they would not be able to keep up with a beloved hobby – sports betting. However, things in Canada sports betting have changed significantly. Since August 2021 and the passage of a successful piece of legislation known as Bill C-218, there is no longer the need to worry.

Canada has officially accepted single-event sports betting, and not only that, but it has also allowed its provinces to go down their own individual road and offer retail as well as mobile betting experiences.

In other words, you can be anywhere in British Columbia or Ontario and always be connected to the sports betting action, whether you are looking to check in on the latest odds, results, or your active wagers.

How Interactive Betting Is Changing Canada

The Fear of Missing Out or FOMO has led to a lot of stress for hardcore sports fans, but these days, there is no longer the need to worry that you may miss out on a great value betting opportunity.

Since 2020, Canada has been pushing more aggressively to introduce interactive gambling as the norm, and the legalization of single-event betting brought around this change. Today, Ontario and British Columbia are not only happy to entertain you in some of the best single-event markets. They are equally glad to make sure that you can access sports betting remotely without any obligation of your part other than to place a selection and enjoy yourself as you do so.

The addition of a mobile component has turned out to be a truly exceptional achievement and one that can truly boost the numbers for the entire industry.

Do You Need to Be Connected All the Time?

Mobile betting platforms now allow you to quickly check in on real-time data, see if your bets have penned out a success, and generally stay tuned to make quick changes to your setup, bankroll, and active bets.

You may simply set an alert or install a dedicated app that will ping you if there is something that requires your attention. Many players are finding this to be a flexible and convenient way of enjoying sports betting, and they are correct in their surmise.

Mobile Sets Future for All Sports Betting in Canada

Canadians are only now getting to experience the benefits of regulated sports betting that is focused entirely on the mobile experience. Of course, many sports fans are still turning to retail options, but the numbers from Ontario indicate that some 66% of the betting crowd in the country is happier to explore the far more convenient mobile betting options.

Why mobile? That mostly has to do with the many upsides that you can enjoy this way. That includes the ability to be always connected to your wagers and never skip a beat of the action. Players will be able to enjoy their time away from the sports betting action, but also rest assured that when those pivotal moments come around, they will still be connected.

Canada still has a long way to go to fully develop its sports betting industry, but the country is definitely on the right track, and sports fans no longer have to worry about skipping a beat of sports betting!

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