Flying With a Baby – Tips and Tricks for Safe Traveling

Flying With a Baby – Tips and Tricks for Safe Traveling
03 Oct 2022

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Flying can be stressful even when done alone or with another adult, but when you have a baby to worry about, the trip comes with even more baggage. Aside from thinking about your belongings and the airport checks, you have a little bundle of joy in your arms to look after. They become fussy and won’t put up with staying in one place for a long time, so you must prepare mentally and emotionally for a potentially strenuous flight. Don’t worry about a thing. We have a few tips to help you travel safely with your baby no matter how long the flight is.

Lists are your BFFs

When you become a parent, remembering will feel like an Olympics sport. Don’t risk forgetting spare clothes for yourself, for the little one or leaving passports at home. Once your trip is booked, start making packing checklists for every aspect of your trip. Create one list for food, another one for clothes, a separate one for documents, and the other one for baby essentials. It’s essential to start listing items early on to ensure you remember everything. Keep the lists on self-adhesive papers around the house, or on the smart device that you bring everywhere. That way, no matter where you are you can add an item to the list. When you start packing, cross the items off the list as you put them in a bag for a more organised and stress-free journey.

Keep your child safely buckled

You would buckle your child into a car seat, right? Well, the same goes for planes. Depending on the child’s age, they can sit in your lap and buckle with your belt, or they can have their separate seat next to you. That’s the safest way for a child to travel on a plane, particularly in cases of unexpected turbulence. If you’ve gotten your kid accustomed to being buckled in a car seat, they’ll recognise the similar system on the plane and often not complain. Long flights require unbuckling for a nappy change and when you need to stretch your legs. That’s when your little one could potentially refuse to sit back down when they see they are allowed to get up and walk. If you know those tantrums are highly likely, to keep the kid snuggly buckled for as long as possible.

Pack spare clothes for everyone

Regardless of the longevity of your flight, you’ll want to have spare clothes in your carry-on. You know how a child tends to ruin every outfit within minutes, and how frustrated you become when you don’t have a spare bodysuit to change them into. On top of that, airlines are famous for losing luggage that you can wait for several days. Don’t risk causing stressing out, but pack spare underwear, some leggings, and a lightweight dress in case your luggage is lost. Don’t forget about additional diapers and baby clothes to keep everyone comfortable regardless of the inconvenience.

Bring an array of toys

Keeping children entertained during a trip is often the most challenging task. If nothing holds their attention, you can have a nightmare flight. So, test how they react to toys at home. If they love exploring new items, look into sensory toys that will spark their imagination and keep them occupied for hours. You can find an array of educational sensory toys online and keep your child interested in the best way during a long exciting journey. Choose between teethers, comfort toys, plushies and all those educational toys that foster creativity.

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Keep germs at bay during your flight

Aeroplane filtration systems remove airborne allergens, bacteria and viruses from the air effectively. However, some air stays on the plane without running through the HEPA filter. That’s the air that potentially wreaks havoc on your health. The filters manage to filter the air while you’re flying, but delayed take-offs, long boarding and getting off the plane increase the risk of infections spreading. That’s why wearing a mask during flights should still be encouraged. When flying with a baby, you’ll want that extra protection, ensuring you and the child don’t catch anything while travelling. Mask up before boarding to arrive at your destination without illness. Provide children with kid-sized masks. Pack antibacterial wipes galore, and don’t forget antiseptic sprays. Wiping the armrests, seatbacks, and tray tables of your seat and your kids’ seats offers added protection and safety to all of you. Lather up antibacterial gel before you eat or feed your little one.

Final thoughts

Travelling with kids is more demanding than travelling on your own. When you’re flying, the challenge becomes greater. Worrying about security controls, ensuring you packed everything and looking after a child during a long flight turns carefree travel into a never-ending agony. To travel stress-free, remember all our tips because we’ve tested them, and they work every time. Offer kids entertainment, pack spare clothes, mask up and carry antibacterial supplies with you for a safe and secure flight. With checklists around the house, you’ll pack all essentials without the risk of forgetting something.

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