How to Find Your Perfect Swimsuit This Season

How to Find Your Perfect Swimsuit This Season
30 Apr 2018

Everyone wants to make a splash in the swimsuit they choose for their fun in the sun every summer. However, if you have ever been shopping for a bathing suit, you know just how nerve-wracking and frustrating it can be. Don’t worry! The right styling tips and advice for finding the perfect swimsuit can keep you confident, comfortable, and ready for many days spent soaking up the sun all summer long!

Consider Your Body Shape

When choosing a swimsuit, one of the first things to consider is your body shape. Knowing which swimwear compliments the natural curves and lines of your body ensures that you start off of on the right foot.

Pear Shape

For many women, a pear-shaped figure makes it almost impossible to find a swimsuit that’s flattering for both your hips and bust. However, consider pairing brightly coloured tankini swimsuits with a darker colour bottom to accentuate your curves and draw attention away from your hips.

Short or Long Torso

If you struggle with finding a swimsuit that makes your torso and legs look proportionate, here are the solutions we recommend:
• For a shorter torso, try using bottoms that sit low on your hips matched with a halter top. The halter will emphasize your shoulders and bust while the lower sitting bottoms will give the illusion of a longer upper body.
• When shopping for a longer torso, you want to look for items that will lengthen your legs. Try high waisted bikini bottoms or a one-piece with high-cut legs.

Large Bust

Securing a large bust within a swimsuit is easier said than done. For those with a larger bosom, we recommend using tops that contain underwires. You should also consider wider straps and tops that cut straight across your chest for added support.

Plus Size

Being plus size doesn’t mean you have to always choose modest swimwear in black or darker tones. While darker colours are more flattering, red and blue tones can be a bit more fun. Fitted tops with a defined waist and spandex for control are ideal while styles with high-cut legs can have a slimming effect on both your legs and hips.

Athletic Build

If you want to add some dimension and curves to your athletic build, try bandeau or push-up style tops that will add more emphasis to small cleavage. Boy shorts are also a great choice for introducing more of a curved silhouette to narrow hips.

swimsuit on beach

Choose the Right Material

Selecting the right type of fabric is something not commonly considered when swimsuit shopping. If you plan to swim often, consider looking for swimsuits that advertise being chlorine resistant. Too much chlorine causes certain colours to fade and thin material to lose its shape. Additionally, when your intention is to spend more time soaking up the sun than enjoying the water, you should avoid dark colours that retain heat and material that you feel comfortable in while the swimsuit is dry.

Know Where You Will Be Wearing It

If your summer activities consist mostly of lounging poolside, then a string bikini is perfect. However, those who love watersports and plan to be surfing waves or skiing, more utilitarian swimwear like rash guards may be the better option.

Regardless of your body shape is or summer travel plans, finding the perfect bathing suit will give you the boost of confidence you need to enjoy every moment. Take our tips into consideration with your own unique, personal style to snag a swimsuit that matches your personality and gives you the perfect fit.



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