Eastview Homes Brings New Life to Your Home with Quality Renovations

Eastview Homes Brings New Life to Your Home with Quality Renovations
29 Jul 2019

When we first moved into our home in 2006, it was the everything we wanted… at the time. Don’t get me wrong… we still love our home, but now that our kids are in their teens, we are realizing that we are outgrowing some of the spaces in our home. Our needs have changed.

Home Renovation or New Home?

Although the thought of buying a new home is appealing, the size of new home lots and the rise in house prices in our area make this option less appealing. We love where we live, so why not renovate our existing home?

Renovating a home is a big task. There is so much that can be done, but where do you start?

Eastview Homes

When Keith Travers of Eastview Homes asked me to take a tour of the renovations at an Oakville home, his latest job site, I accepted. I visited his most recent build, with an eye on possible renos to our own home in the future. With that in mind, he gave me a tour of the house and pointed out all the things they did for two hundred thousand dollars in this gorgeous upscale home. He was very transparent with costs, materials, and the time involved with each step of the process. Within a few minutes of talking to Keith, it was apparent he loves what he does for a living, and he’s very proud of his work. His team at Eastview Homes were excited to have been the recipients of BUILD Magazine’s 2019 Sustainable Building Award.

Eastview Homes Craig-w-Keith-oakstairs2

The first thing that caught my eye was the hardwood floors. Gorgeous. Hardwood is the real thing. It has personality and acoustic properties, and it makes quite an impact on people without being the center of attention… well except when there’s nothing else in the room. Genuine hardwood flooring can add considerable value to a home because once installed it ‘up-scales’ everything else in the space.

It’s cost-effective long term, as wood is a natural insulator and is very effective in isolating cold and heat. This means it costs less energy to heat a wood-filled home as compared to structures made and finished with stone or concrete or other man-made materials. As well as being a good thermal insulator, wood is also an excellent noise absorber which makes wood-filled interiors seem warm, relaxing and peaceful. Add a kitchen table, a rocking chair, wooden furniture and stair rails and you’ve got an inherently comfortable home regardless of layout. Its timeless appeal is one big reason why real wood furniture is making a big comeback with rustic and vintage trends continuing their rise in popularity.

Eastview Homes Craig-with-oakwood-flooring

Flooring is one component of your home that will have to be repaired at some point. The carpet in our home is original, and has taken a bit of a beating over the past several years. Hardwood can take a beating as well. From minor accidents to excessive wear and tear, hardwood is susceptible to scratching, can get damaged from excessive moisture; it will show wear, especially in heavily-trafficked areas. But unlike laminate flooring (which seldom matches the pieces you saved as it fades over time), authentic hardwood can be repaired simply by sanding out the imperfections and refinishing. This gives it the edge over laminate flooring in that it will last for years.

The stairway was one of the problem areas before the renovation. The homeowner asked Keith to address the squeaks, cracks or other stairway problems.

Eastview Homes oakstairs

Keith saw this as a great opportunity to increase their beauty as well. When everything below the oak steps has been painted white, it will look like the steps are floating on air.

Eastview Homes oakstairs3

Hardwood stairs with a decorative runner can increase the graciousness of your home. Here, the stairs are oak with quarter-inch MDF (medium-density fibreboard, an engineered wood product) plates under each step as a cushion to help eliminate any noise. Any exposed wood that isn’t oak will be painted white and so the finish will be oak steps floating on a white stairway.

Eastview Homes handrail-23July2019

The five and half inch newel post, also in oak, is employed here as a starting post. The newel post and the banister will have carved spindles and add elegance and character to the stairway.

Eastview Homes Craig-w-vanity-bathroom

The wood theme continues into the master bathroom, but the vanity in here only looks like it’s made of wood. It isn’t. The rustic wood vanity that’s here waiting for its marble top is made of recycled plastic, and it is gorgeous! This vanity will last forever and will resist the mold and fungus that’s otherwise so common in these high moisture environments.

Musicians Must Want Houses With All-Wood Interiors

The acoustics of the house are terrific. Sure, the wood floor helps, but this soundscape could also result from the coffered ceiling in the living room. In architecture, to coffer the ceiling means to install a series of sunken panels that are most commonly in the shape of squares or rectangles. It also adds an element of elegance to a space that is normally an afterthought. With Keith, it is all part of the bigger picture, right from the beginning.

Eastview Homes coffered-ceiling-23July2019

In this job, the coffered ceiling hides the sturdy steel beam that was used to take the weight as the wall underneath was removed. These are the types of renovations that Eastview Homes specializes in doing for homeowners. They make space by removing walls and connecting rooms.

Eastview Homes Craig-wrapping-cable

There’s no doubt that Keith Travers is a wealth of knowledge on home renovation and kitchen remodelling, and a myriad other construction specialties. As a homeowner, I’d feel completely at ease knowing that Keith and the Eastview Homes team are hard at work making my home a more enjoyable and liveable place for my family.

We love our home, and the neighbourhood we live in. We have no intentions of moving, but the thought of a major reno to make our home fit our lifestyle has come up a few times in family conversations. Seeing Eastview Homes in action at another home makes me realize that our home could be transformed into the home of our dreams.

Would you renovate your existing home? Let me know in the comments.

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