Maintaining office temperature with the Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool.

Maintaining office temperature with the Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool.
19 May 2017

I have worked in a few offices in my career. None of them have had a consistent temperature, or one that I felt comfortable in. In the summer, I always had a fan on or under my desk. In the winter, I brought in a small electric heater.

Hot and Cold

Then I started working at home. My home office is our former family room – about 10’ wide x 15’ long. I have a gas fireplace (for those cold winter days), and a big fan (for when the A/C just doesn’t cut it).

The gas fireplace is great for the winter. The only main issue is because of the age of the gas insert, it stays at a consistent temperature… freakin’ hot. So, if I turn it on, it warms my office up pretty quick, and then I turn it off, and turn it back on when it gets cool, and repeat.

I keep the fan on a lot… it helps keep the air circulating, and I like the feel of breeze in the air. But, the fan I had is pretty noisy.

Every time the phone rang, I had to make sure I shut it off before answering. In some cases, I couldn’t even here when a delivery driver was at the door. It was rather frustrating.

I needed something that was quieter, and preferably did both jobs.


Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool fan heater

“Like everyone we get frustrated by products that don’t work properly. As design engineers we do something about it. We’re all about invention and improvement.” James Dyson

A year round solution, the Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool fan heater is an invaluable addition to my home office.

I received this unit when the weather was quite cold. It helped warm my office up, without me having to constantly turn on or off the gas fireplace.

Because there are no exposed heating elements, there is no burning smell like most heaters. With an office as small as mine, I wouldn’t be able to handle that.

I keep the AM09 on the hearth of the fireplace, so it is quite secure and stable. However, if it were to ever tip over, there is an automatic cut off. The intelligent thermostat maintains the target temperature.


The included remote control allows me to rotate the direction of the fan, set a sleep timer, increase or decrease the intensity of the fan, and switch between focus mode and diffused mode.

Focus mode concentrates on what is directly in front of the fan, while diffused mode allows for a wide projection.

When used together with our A/C, the AM09 helps to circulate the cool air more efficiently.


I leave the AM09 on all day when I am in my office. As you can see, there is very little noise. This allows me to answer the phone without having to turn off the fan.

The same goes for the heater. It is quite quiet.

It’s like an ambient white noise, as opposed to the harsh and noisy motor sound from my old fan.


Air Multiplier technology

What is Air Multiplier? There really is no one better to describe it than the inventor himself, Sir James Dyson.

Fan blades chop the air up, and produces a noisy wind that blows forward. As well, if young fingers are present, there is a risk of injury.

With the bladeless AM09 Hot+Cool fan heater, 28 litres of air per second is drawn into the machine in cooling mode, and pushed out at 16x what it came in at. The output is a nice gentle breeze… a more natural feel.

No blades means nothing getting caught in there, like pet fur or little fingers. With the fireplace (where the fan sits) being right beside Storm’s bed, no blades are important to me, as she likes to investigate things when I am not looking.


Since using the AM09, she has mostly left it alone, besides sniffing at it the first day. She falls asleep right beside it, so I know the noise doesn’t bother her either.


Happy Home Office!

In the process of writing this review, I added a small shelving unit and another table lamp to my office. The AM09 now sits on top of the shelving unit.

If you are looking to pick up a Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool fan heater, or any other of Dyson’s many awesome products, look no further than Dyson’s website.

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