4 Things About Driving Under the Influence and Impaired Driving That You May Not Know

4 Things About Driving Under the Influence and Impaired Driving That You May Not Know
22 Oct 2020

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The scope of incidents involving driving under the influence or impaired driving is much broader than many people realize. In fact, you may not find out much about how broad until you’re involved in some sort of incident. At that point, the DUI attorney that you hire may provide some information that you never realized. Here are four basics that will help broaden what you know right now.

The Car or Truck Does Not Have to Be in Motion

Some people think that in order to be arrested on a DUI charge, you must be driving. That’s not true. If you are behind the wheel and the keys are in the ignition, that’s grounds for assuming that you’re about to operate the vehicle. It may be parked, but the laws still apply.

For this reason, it pays to stay out of your vehicle if you’ve had one too many. In fact, stay in the club or bar where you were enjoying yourself. Call a cab, ride share, or a friend to collect you. They can text when they pull up outside and you can go straight to your ride. This ensures there is no confusion about your intentions.

You Don’t Have to Be in the Vehicle at All

Why not be outside or go to your vehicle to get something before your ride shows up? If you’re headed in the direction of the vehicle, there’s again room to assume that you have plans to drive. At the least, you may be arrested for being inebriated in a public place.

Do stay out of the vehicle. In fact, stay off the sidewalk altogether. By remaining in the place of business until your ride arrives, there’s no doubt that you have no intention of getting behind the wheel.

You Can Get a DUI That Involves a Vehicle Other Than a Car or Truck

When most people think of impaired driving or driving under the influence, they naturally believe that a car or an intention to drive a vehicle on the road is involved. Did you know that operating other types of vehicles may also apply? You really can get a DUI on a boat of any kind. For this reason, always make sure that you are clearly not the person who will do the steering.

A Conviction Could Haunt You For Decades

DUI convictions are not like being cited for a traffic violation. The consequences don’t necessarily end after you attend court-required classes, serve some time, and pay whatever restitution the court orders. The presence of the DUI on your permanent record can cause problems for years.

You may find it harder to get a promotion at work. If you lose your job, finding another one may be difficult. Auto insurance will be costlier and harder to secure. You may even find that a conviction puts a crimp on your social life.

The best solution is to never be arrested in the first place. If that’s already happened, find a lawyer who can represent you in court. Doing so improves the odds of enjoying the best possible outcome and possibly being able to put this unfortunate incident behind you.

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