The Importance Of Dressing For The Office Even When You Work From Home

The Importance Of Dressing For The Office Even When You Work From Home
04 Mar 2021

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Not much good came out of 2020, but there has been one shining beacon for some of us – the opportunity to work from home.

Given that 44% of us were willing to take a 10% pay cut to work from home full-time pre-2020, this seems like it must be good news. Certainly, the 86% of employees who hope to keep working this way are an indication that we can’t get enough. But, there’s a rumble under the happy home working surface, with some individuals starting to miss office norms.

To some extent, this is an inevitability of pandemic life, but home working plays its own part, especially if we fall into the ‘working in PJ’s’ mentality. This might seem like a tempting WFH benefit, but it can actually harness bad habits and take us just a little too far from what we’re used to. In fact, continuing to dress like you’re heading to the office each day could be all it takes to keep negativity at bay. And, here’s why.

1. Keeping a professional edge

For obvious reasons, wearing your fluffy onesie isn’t exactly going to fill you with professional assurance. Not to mention that it could look a little odd in the office meeting! By instead investing in some new work shirts (who knows where the old ones are by now?!?!) and some organic shave products that keep you looking and feeling your absolute professional best, you’ll be able to enter a much more work-appropriate headspace, even though your desk is less than 100 steps from your bed.

2. Drawing work/life boundaries

Remote work is supposed to be the solution to all work/life boundary difficulties but, as many are discovering, it can sometimes be quite the opposite. The pandemic, in particular, has seen home workers finding it harder than ever to switch off. As anyone who’s worked remotely for some time will tell you, drawing boundaries is the only way to overcome this setback. And, something as simple as changing into/out of office wear when you clock on or off can be the line in the sand that you need.

3. Boosting your mood

Though we’ve pushed for it for so long, around 53% of workers feel like the 2020 remote switch has harmed their mental health. And, working in your PJs is never going to help with that. After all, we are what we wear in some respects, at least from a mentality standpoint. If you wear lazy clothes, your mind will soon fall into a slump. By comparison, making an effort to dress up, even if it’s just for yourself, can put a spring back in your step.

We get the temptation to dress down in the ‘office’ these days, and setting aside a casual Friday or something similar can definitely be a lot of fun. But, on a general basis, continuing to dress for the office could make a huge difference to your enjoyment of this working switch both now and in the future.

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