Enjoy A DoveSpa Experience this Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy A DoveSpa Experience this Valentine’s Day!
04 Feb 2012

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Let’s face it… buying for your significant other on Valentine’s Day is not very easy. There are so many options out there, but when it comes right down to making the purchase, you always wait until the last minute to pick up something that will truly mean something.

I am usually not one of those guys. I like to buy ahead of time, and put a lot of thought into a gift.

I am practical. I’m not one to buy flowers on Valentine’s Day. I’ll buy them throughout the year when I know Wendy will not expect them, and appreciate them more.

A day at the spa where she can relax and unwind sounds like a much better idea. By purchasing a gift card, she can choose which services she wants herself. While she’s there, I can work on making her a special dinner.

From now until February 9th, you can purchase a Dove Spa gift card online, and it can be shipped to you in time for Valentine’s Day. (this is the deadline for online orders, so it can be shipped in time). After February 9th, you can go to any one of the GTA locations and purchase your gift card in store.

But ladies… don’t think this holiday is all about you! Your man can be pampered too! Why not consider a day at Dove Spa for both of you? From facials, to pedicures to a soothing head massage… you can both leave refreshed, relaxed, energized and stress-free.

A dove spa gift card is a great way to pamper your loved one this Valentine’s day, and buying online makes it even easier. You can purchase one on-line here: dovespa.ca

I’m giving away 2 $50 Dove Spa gift cards. All you have to do is answer this question below in the comment section:

My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because:

The 2 best most heartfelt answers will get a $50 Dove Spa gift card (chosen by me). The contest closes February 8th at midnight EST.

Whether you win or not, I do recommend checking this place out! From now until March 17th, you can experience a 75 minute HydraCleanse Facial for only $100. That’s $35 off the regular price! Talk about a sweet deal!

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Big Daddy

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, and will also experience a Dove Spa treatment (which I will also be blogging about), but all opinions are my own.

If you would like me to review your product, send me an email at craig@bigdaddykreativ.ca or find me on “the twitter” at @BigDaddyKreativ

Craig Silva

Craig is a husband, a father, team leader, travel and food writer, senior youth group coordinator, designer, brander, community builder, volunteer, and social media strategist. Craig likes to travel, go camping, go on road trips, watch movies, build stuff, operate the grill, and sing with his band. Craig is a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada. In June 2017, PR firm Cision identified Craig as one of Canada’s top 10 most popular male bloggers in the parents and family space.


  1. Ohh. I love Spa’ing, but my Hubby Tim has never done it.

    Honestly, I think he deserves to be pampered because he has worked very hard and accomplished HUGE feats through the past year. He decided to change careers and applied (and was accepted) into College for the second time. He went back to school for a two year Recreation Program at Humber College and ROCKED it! Being that he is a very “provide for my family” type of man, not working and providing cash to the bank account really stressed him out. While he was in school, he also took some night and weekend course so that he’d be all certified in his field when he graduated – 100% job ready! He graduated top 3 of his class with a Honors status and won awards along the way. Never once complaining or giving up!

    He showed our children the importance of following your dreams and that education is important as well, and that hard work really pays off. When he graduated, he was hired on by a local municipality and is now in charge of managing over 2000 volunteers.

    I think he deserves some pampering and would love to win this so I could give him a sweet V-Day gift :)

    Thanks Craig!! :)

    For some reason, my Disqus profile is showing incorrect – my correct contact info on Twitter is Twitter.com/arianegriffiths

  2. My husband deserves some pampering on Valentines Day because he just returned from a very stressful 7-month deployment to Afghanistan, plain and simple. But over and beyond that, he lovingly has allowed me to spend his hard-earned money in somewhat frivolous ways and then proceeds to suggest we go shopping for more after getting back. He’s also jumped right back into fatherhood with both of our children, doting on them from sun-up to sun-down so they know how much they were loved while he was gone and still are. And he never misses an opportunity to show me how much he loves me, even when I don’t always return the affection with as much sincerity. I hope he can find peace and rest in the coming months and is rewarded for his efforts.

  3. he so wonderful because he does the finances, housekeeping, grocery shopping, bill paying, etc. while I work so I can relax when I come home.

  4. I would like to give my husband the chance to enjoy some time at the spa, specifically to give him the opportunity to have a massage for the first time in his life. He works full-time and he’s studying for his MBA/Masters in Finance and he is constantly rubbing at his upper and lower back, likely due to stress and sitting at the computer for a long time. I truly believe that if my entry wins and he reads this post afterwards, he will finally get a massage. He’s a wonderful, hardworking man who does so much for everyone else and barely anything for himself. Fingers crossed! Cheers, Sandy @savvari

  5. i don’t have a significant other right now (so sad!) but i would really love to take my mom on a spa day. she is the most amazing and caring woman and has had far too much stress in her life lately. as a single mom for over two decades now she has devoted herself to my sisters and i and though i could never properly repay her, this would be a great treat!

  6. My fiancé deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because…

    He really is the most amazing man! He knew I always wanted a grand romantic proposal, and boy, did he deliver! At the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve, next to Niagara Falls under a sky of fireworks, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was simply amazing and of course I said yes! We’re getting married this year on September 22 and Adam is working all the overtime he can so that we can have a very special wedding that reflects us and our love for each other. He deserves some pampering for so many reasons…he works hard and he loves me with all his heart…not a day goes by that he doesn’t tell me and show me how much he loves me.

  7. For our first anniversary in October, I treated my hubby to an afternoon at the spa. He loved it! The one thing he is still raving about is the pedicure. He enjoyed the pampering and the way his feet felt after they were done…while he was getting his feet done, he was squirming a lot, so I can’t say he totally enjoyed the actual pedicure! He has asked to get another one, and he really deserves it. He works in construction and puts in 10 hours days, lately, it’s been 7 days a week, because the site is behind. I love to have him book off a day, and take him out for another afternoon at the spa. It’s the least I can do to say thank you to him for all his hard work!

  8. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because:

    he doesn’t like his feet touched by me so I would love for him to get a pedicure at Dove Spa!

  9. SUMMER WALKER : February 6, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    he is always pampering me and I want to return the favor. He puts up with me and loves me always. I owe him much more than pampering.. but its a start!

  10. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because: He has had shoulder surgery i think a nice relaxing time at the spa is what he needs he has been in alot of pain and i want t get it away even if its for one day

  11. andrews_cheryl : February 6, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    My husband and I will be married 10 years this coming May. He is the light of my life. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. He is the perfect father to our 2 year old son. He always has time to spend with me and play with our son, even though he leaves before 7:00 a.m. and comes home after 6:00 p.m. every night. His job is so stressful that I feel really bad for him sometimes. He is also an amazing housekeeper! He really pitches in when I need help. And he has no problem changing our son’s poopie diapers! He gets an A+++ for that one!

    I would love for him to win this spa experience because he deserves to be pampered. He has never been to a spa but I’m sure he would love it. He really needs some R&R right now. He’s been really stressed lately.

    Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize!

  12. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because:

    She is the only one on this planet who can put up with me for 24 years…that deserves alot!

  13. She stayed home with our 1 and 2 year old kids when I went to Vegas for my friends bachelor party…what a girl!

  14. Elizabethgosse : February 7, 2012 at 11:22 am

    My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because he works so hard and over the last month was planning our engagement! He asked my parents three weeks ago and planned a road trip this past weekend. We drove around south western Ontario and ended up on Long Point Beach at sunset. Just as the sun hit the water, he got down on one knee and proposed. He totally deserves a little pampering for all the running around he did on planning the perfect moment.


  15. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because I forgot our anniversary. I mean, not the actual anniversary, but the date. So I woke up thinking Monday was February 5th when it was really February 6th. I came downstairs to be greeted with flowers and a card, he got bad breath and a “what are you talking about, our anniversary is tomorrow.”

    I don’t need time at the spa so much as I need a better calendar system.

  16. some great comments here. And after reading them I don’t think my reason is a great as others but I will try :) I would like to pamper my husband because for 10 years he has always treated me to a beautiful Valentine’s Day present/surprise. He always says he wants nothing and he really means it so I don’t usually buy him presents. (I sound like a bad wife, lol). He is busy at work alot and it is stressful for him so why not book a spa treatment and let him relax a little bit for Valentine’s Day. He would definitely be surprised by that.

  17. Where to start…. She is the one who is there to support me when times are tough and not only can she offer great advice and motivation but just listen to me. I am not an easy guy to understand and my thoughts are always going at full-speed so for her to stay with me when I hit rock bottom and to be with me through trials and tribulations; I can’t express how much I love her. It takes a special girl to go through certain events and stay by my side. She is beautiful, intelligent, outgoing, and the most trustworthy person I have ever met. All of this and she works her butt off as she makes her way through the ranks of her company. She %100 DESERVES a SPA pampering :)

  18. Through losing two jobs, and eventually starting one that is a struggle and worry – she makes it all work.
    She picks up the slack with the kids when I can’t get home or have to leave for an emergency.
    She keeps the house running; the family together.
    She put up with 5 years of not getting engaged, and, so far, 13 years of being married – to me!
    She the best friend, spouse, partner and mother a guy could hope for.

  19. She truly is the opposite force in my life that I need. Just when I’m getting too ahead of myself, she brings me back to reality. Just when I’m getting too flustered with the ongoings of life, she calms me down. Just when I’m frustrated as heck with the kids, she takes over and allows me to back off. Just when I’ve written something and think it’s perfect, she corrects my thinking and really makes it perfect. Just when I’ve got no solution to a problem, she is the one that I turn to for advice. Is there anyone that I can think of that deserves this more than her? No.

  20. I would love to win this for my wife and give it to her for Valentine’s Day because she would never do this for herself. She’s an amazing mother to our 5 kids, a selfless, loving, generous person who always puts herself and her needs behind everyone else’s. She deserves so much more than just a day at the spa, but it would be a great start… Ryan

  21. I’m trying to live my life the way wher Valentines, Chrstmas etc is every day. I don’t need a calendar to remind me, that I love her.
    But she carryes me thrue days of apathy, she watches over me, she changed my life and manors of speaking, she gave me back the power to believe…

  22. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because:
    she supports others first and gives her time to those in need before she ever thinks of herself!
    She is a leader in the community with big sisters of Halton and gives her time to a special young girl every Friday morning through the in school program.
    The reality is, she may even donate these gift cards, should she win to someone she feels deserves them more, even though in my eyes she is someone that truly deserves some pampering on Valentines day and really, all year long.
    Bottom line is this: she never puts herself first, ever! she needs to be #1 for at least one day!! :-)

  23. Giddywithglee : February 7, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because:
    She doesn’t get any respect, after 28 years of marriage, 2 almost grown kids, 3 cats, and a pair of hamsters. We all just expect the 100’s of things she does for us, to happen magically. She does this all, and works as well, without ever a complaint, and nary a complement.

  24. My Hubby truly deserves some pampering for Valentines day because he works hard ,supports the community and fundraises constantly for charity. He spends his weekends cooking for the homeless and is there to lend a hand whenever he is needed. At home he is the best hubby anyone could ask for and a truly amazing father. As an entrepreneur he supports me any way he can and is there with me every step of the way! I love him with all my heart…of course if he wins I will deny I said any of this :)

  25. WOW look at these responses! I can’t top that.

    She works too much and can never say “No” to helping other people out or “Yes” to her self.
    She deserves it. No more than anyone else. But to me she deserves it.

  26. For a woman who does everything for everyone else, and never ever puts her needs/wants first. She allowed me to start my own business and supported me every step of the way. She balances her full time job as a nurse, taking care of everyone else, only to come home and take care of the family while I was working. To give you an idea of a typical day for her it goes a little something like this- Up at 5:00am to get herself ready, kids lunches ready, her lunch ready, my lunch ready (no, i don’t expect that of her), drops the kids off at school and daycare, goes to work all day, comes home, cleans, cooks 3 different dinners (kids, regular and vegan) then she’s off to bring the kids to their extra curricular activities (Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Piano, Girl Guides, Snowboarding lessons, skating lessons and then she fits in a quick work out at the gym). Whether or not she wins this, she certainly deserves the recognition of me writing this.

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

    Troy Claus

  27. Not sure what to tell you, my wife has fundamentally made me a better man. Choices I made and actions I took never benefited anyone around me or myself until she made me aware that there was a better way. We got married before we really established our careers and when deciding to started a family, she offered to raise our children as a stay at home mom. While I flourished in my career she ensured we had a stable home front. Never to be hidden from life and a desire to share her unique ability to inspire, she has followed a passion in coaching Elementary, High School, Club and University Volleyball with kids in tow. With my full support, she works tirelessly to ensure these boys and girls are exposed to disciplined training and passion to achieve and continues to make an impact in our community. She has blessed me with my three beautiful and ever inquisitive kids, we are expecting number four any day now!

  28. My wife deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day for many reasons! She’s been my backbone, supporter and very patient while I work long, excruciating hours to support our family. Always come home to a good meal and warm hugs.
    She’s been battling infertility treatments for almost a year now which has been a heavy burden for us all – financially and emotionally and recently just found out we’re finally expecting #2!
    She’s been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy so she’s been trying to rest up but still care for our 1st born who is a very rambunctious toddler.
    Does this sound like a woman that could use some pampering? I say YES! :)

    For all the women that sacrifice so much for us all – Happy Valentine’s Day!

  29. He works so hard to provide for our family. We have a 6 month old little girl and he tries his best to spend as much time with her as he can. He is a wonderful man that deserves more than I could ever give him.

  30. My hubby deserves to be pampered because he never has. He’s had a rough life, losing both his parents and having to grow up and be responsible at a young age. He works so hard to support our daughter and myself and deserves a little time for himself!

  31. My hubby deserves this spa gift certificate because he works so hard to take care of our son. He shows us so much love each day and supports me through every up and down.

  32. My wife, Jenny, is a true princess. She works hard at her full time job and also freelances for various magazines. She does plenty of volunteer work as well. She is the President of the Oakville Newcomers Alumni Club and has also done work for Volunteer Builders in the past (this is a group that builds at children’s camps). She rarely splurges on herself and something like this would be SOOOOO deserving for such a lovely and caring wife.

    Scott, Drew & Eddie the Schnauzer

  33. My husband deserves a spa pampering because he’s the most loving, the most caring, the most wonderful person I have ever met. He always makes sure that I am happy, satisfied and pampered, so now it’s his turn. And besides being an amazing husband, he is also a wonderful daddy! He works hard to make sure everyone around him is happy. I love my husband so very much and I would love to see him get pampered a bit just to show him how much everything he does is appreciated :)

  34. My wife deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day, beacuse she deserves it!! She is the love my life, and since Valentine’s Day is also our Wedding Anniversary, this would be a fabulous way for her to take a day off!!

  35. Janinegislason : February 7, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    My significant other is my best friend, she is my main support. We both are single moms and would love to treat her out. Her husband passed on and mine walked out so we have created a strong bond over ther years and we lean on each other for everything. This would be a nice way to treat her since we don’t have partners but we are BFF mom significant others :D I will cross my fingers, hope some luck comes our way. Thanks <3

  36. I am my own wife and girlfriend and I deserve to be pampered by Dove because no one else will pamper me. (Except me. And also them.) GO SOFT SKIN!

  37. My hubby deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because he has been crazy busy at work and also putting up with his neglectant wife while she tries to build her business. If I can’t pamper him myself this Valentine’s, I would sure love to send him to a place where he can be pampered like he deserves! I’m outsourcing….

  38. My husband deserves this because he works long hard hours for me and the kids. He would & does – everything he can to be with us financially and physically. He has never had a massage and I am sure he would love to give it a try ! Thank you :)

  39. My significant other deserves some pampering…oh wait…I don’t have a significant other! I am a single Mom working hard to be the best role model for my daughter that I can be.

    Even though I would really, really, really love to be pampered… If I won I would add the giftcards to the silent auction table for Rock the WAVE to earn as much money as possible for Halton Women’s Place.

  40. Dianne @Smilenwaven : February 8, 2012 at 6:55 am

    I know this is for couples, but for those of us w/o one atm… I would LOVE to take my bff, my hero = my 84 yo Mom! Good Luck everyone! :)

  41. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s day because she just got out of the hospital. Mind-numbed with fever dreams and medication, I think a bit of spa time would be exactly the sort of rest she needed to get back on her feet.

  42. My significant other deserves some pampering because since I returned to work three days a week six months ago he’s been “on duty” at home mornings and afterschool/dinner prep. And not only with our 4 children … he trades off babysitting with a friend’s 2 girls (single mom!) to let her get out and work as well. This morning he had 6 children 10 and under, 3 drop-offs (2 schools and a daycare) and got everyone where they needed to be on time and without complaint! Who could ask for a better husband than that?!

  43. Hey great contest Craig! Good luck to all the entrants below!

  44. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because I AM my significant other! A solo parent of two little boys…I guess they are kind of my significant others…And they would LOVE Mama to get some “me” time.

  45. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because he has stood by me through thick and thin, my illness and my recovery. He never complains and treats me like I am the only one that matters. Its time to show him that he matters too!

  46. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day for several reasons; where do I begin? I’ve been with my partner for the last six years, during which time I have learned what being appreciated, and loved means. After getting divorced from an abusive previous relationship, being loved for real was refreshing to say the least! In the past 6 years, I’ve received (as two examples) a day at the spa for a birthday, and a trip to Maui where I was proposed to. I could never top those! A surprise (by winning, partner can never discover what I’m doing) of a couple’s trip to the spa would be a small way of showing my appreciation. In fact, I’d probably give the entire gift to my partner so as to fully enjoy a splurge on the self. My partner is a Type A-workaholic and would never take the time unless forced on.

    While an all expense golf trip would be the ideal way to “give back” to my partner, a brief getaway at the spa for a massage might do the trick too. ;)

  47. Oh Craig: great contest.

    My husband Jim works hard at a job he is no longer crazy for, but one he is good at. He is a fabulous husband and a great Dad to our two girls. But being a Dad to girls is no easy task, as they hit their Tweens and really put him through his paces. Our youngest gas special needs and she is a great girl with outrageous energy and explosive moods. She is challenging. We rarely get a break and even school often fails her. We are both 24/7 parents. No breaks but wait lists for services and crazy bills. My husband, who lost both parents to
    Cancer, has been learning to take better care of himself so he can be around for all of us for many years. So I think it would be great if he won the dove spa card so he could have a bit of pampering and a day for himself. I promise not to steal it!


  48. My husband deserves this great service. He works hard for me and the boys and then comes to help me with my business on his day off. He always makes time for church on Sunday when he can be sleeping in, he never has a day off. It would be so nice to give this to him on our wedding anniversary on February 14th it will be 11 years.

  49. My significant other deserves some pampering on Valentine’s Day because….TBH I need a game changer to get me outta the dog house. I’ve had too many late nights working at the computer and out of town meetings that I may have neglected the most awesome woman in the world to me – my wife (don’t tell my mom, she thinks she is still #1….she is a close 2nd). Dove, help a brother out :-)

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