Don’t Forget to Include a Post-Workout and Muscle Recovery Routine

Don’t Forget to Include a Post-Workout and Muscle Recovery Routine
15 Jul 2022

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When you’re working out for the gains, you need to think about so much more than just lifting heavy weights. Making gains for strength, endurance, and stamina is a multifaceted process that when done right can help you get into those fitness competitions and so much more. A post-workout and muscle recovery routine is as important as the routine itself. Here are some of the ways to aid your recovery so you can build muscle more efficiently.

Explore Taking Ice Baths

If you haven’t dived into the ice bath trend yet, what are you waiting for? Ice helps to reduce inflammation, constricts blood vessels, and reduces pain. When you need a quick way to calm down aggravated muscles after a challenging training session, draw a cold bath and add some ice cubes. Then put your body in it for as long as you can tolerate.

Don’t Be Afraid of Carbs

Carbs are not necessarily your enemy when you want gains. Yes, there is the cutting side of things when you’re ready for a competition, but in the meantime, during training, you want the right kinds of carbs as part of your diet. Eating things like sweet potatoes will give you far better results than eating a bag of candy or a bowl of chips.

Balance Your Nutrition

Eating a good, healthy diet will help your workouts in general. When you’re trying to gain muscle, you need more building blocks, which is protein. Adding in carbs for fast energy and fats for slow energy will also benefit you. Your ratios of each will vary depending on your individual goals.

Cycle in Less Intense Workouts

While you’re going hard after a big goal, you need a day or a week to back off. Some experts say that you can boost your gains even more if you do a week’s worth of 70% of your max to give your muscles a little break. After the week of less intense workouts, you can go back to your max to see how well you do.

Use Muscle Creams and Rubs

Want to ease pain and inflammation, but you’re not too keen on the ice bath just yet? Try something like a CBD muscle rub to calm those sore muscles. You can also use a natural rub with essential oils or something with lidocaine to help the pain go away. You’d be amazed at what some of these creams can do for you, especially if you can get to an ice bath right away.

Take the Right Supplements

Supplements like BCAA help you build muscles, while things like vitamin C help to remove toxins from your body after an intense workout. The free radicals that get produced during a heavy training session can lead to pain and cause your immune system to work on overdrive. By taking supplements like ALA, vitamin C, and even D, and E help to boost your immune system and recover and heal your muscles more quickly.

Rehydrate Your Body

Hydration is another important part of post-workout recovery and should be a major part of your workout habits. Some workouts are so intense that you need electrolytes added back, while others simply need enough water. By drinking water, you’ll lubricate your joints, improve the pathways in your body that lead to more muscle gains, reduce headaches, improve cognition, and more. Hydration is the health key that unlocks all the other keys. You can’t do anything without it.

Learn a Stretching Routine

Stretching seems a little soft for people lifting for gains. But the reality is that stretching is one of the most important parts of working out and getting muscle recovery. Stretching improves flexibility which helps to protect you from injury. It also lengthens and strengthens muscles and joints. Some people benefit from a quick stretching routine after a workout to help them stay nice and limber. Others do more focused stretching through yoga or Pilates.

All of these methods when combined can give you the best post-workout and recovery routine possible. Your muscles will get stronger, you’ll experience less pain, you’ll improve your immune system, and you will find yourself enjoying your gains more quickly than you would without them. Giving your body time to rest, the nutrients it needs, and focusing on taking breaks will also protect you from injury.

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