Discover Dominica Authority launches Tourism Industry Progress Website

Discover Dominica Authority launches Tourism Industry Progress Website
24 Nov 2017

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Few travellers had heard of Dominica (pronounced “dəˈmɪˌnɪkə” or “dɒmɪˈniːkə”) before September of this year. Dominica is situated in the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. Because it is mostly a volcanic island, it hasn’t been developed for mainstream tourism like many of the other larger Caribbean destinations.

Everything changed on September 19th.

Dominica Hurricane Maria 2017 satellite image

Hurricane Maria barrelled through the island like a bulldozer, destroying agriculture, communications, homes, and tourism. Even the Prime Minister’s home was effected.

dominica map with hurricane path

Dominica is located in the middle of the white dotted circle in the map above… right under the red dot. That red dot indicates a category 5 hurricane. Category 5 is the strongest a hurricane can reach on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale (SSHWS), which means catastrophic damage will occur. When Hurricane Maria hit Dominica, it had reached category 5 hurricane status (sustained winds ≥ 252 km/h, ≥ 157 mph).

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit posted on his Facebook page after Hurricane Maria hit his country.

However, the island’s residents are resilient, and they are not going to let Hurricane Maria define them.

This one hits home, as my friend and colleague Melissa is half Dominican, born in Canada. Her father is from Dominica, and she has family and friends there whom have been effected by the hurricane. The following pictures are ones she took.

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Dominica’s Tourism Industry Progress Website

Discover Dominica Authority has launched a website dedicated to keeping potential visitors informed of it’s recovery progress.

Communications providers FLOW and Digicel have stated that they have respectively restored service (internet and cell services) to 80% and 95% of the population.

Dominica melissa prince Sand bay

Although rebuilding Dominica’s Tourism sector will take some time, Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) felt it was important to keep potential visitors informed of the progress being made. To date, 18 properties have indicated they will be ready to receive guests by December 1st. The properties are Atlantique View Resort, Bay View Port Residence, Caribbean Seaview Apartments, Classique International, Coffeeriver Cottages, Emerald View Apartments, Hibiscus Valley Inn, Le Petit Paradis, Picard Beach Cottages, Picard Family Guest House, Pointe Baptiste Guest House, Portsmouth Beach Hotel, Rejens Hotel, St. James Bed & Breakfast, Suite Pepper Cottage, Sunset Bay Club, Tamarind Tree Hotel & Restaurant, and 3 Rivers Eco Lodge & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge.

DDA has also announced voluntourism packages to help in the rebuilding of Dominica’s Tourism industry. If you are interested in helping with the recovery and rebuilding of this beautiful destination, visit for more details.

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A must visit!

Put Dominica on your list of future travel destinations. You are sure to have fun in “The Nature Island”.

You can follow Dominica on Facebook and Twitter, and watch their videos on YouTube.

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