Dog Oral Health Care + Purina Twitter Party May 31. RSVP! #DentaLifeSmile

Dog Oral Health Care + Purina Twitter Party May 31. RSVP! #DentaLifeSmile
24 May 2016

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It’s amazing how attached we get to our 4 legged friends. A dog is truly part of the family.


Wendy and I rescued our first dog, Dakota, in October 2002. She went on many camping trips with us, and was at home anxiously waiting for us to bring home Rachel (in 2004) and Lauren (in 2007).

Our girls loved Dakota. They fed her and gave her water, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, gave her treats, and took her for walks. They were inseparable.

The loss of a loved one

In the last couple of years, Dakota started to show signs of age, and her hips started to go. We had her on medication for about a year, but it was no longer working. She was never a fan of chew toys or marrow bones. Even though we brushed her teeth regularly, her teeth were slightly discoloured near the gums.

Not just a dog

She passed in early January. I knew Wendy and the girls would take it hard, but I never realized how hard I would take it. I remember sitting on the floor with her at the vet. The girls had stepped outside into the office area after saying their final goodbyes. Wendy and I stayed. I leaned down and hugged Dakota. I sobbed like I just lost my best friend. She was with me every day I worked from home. She sat beside me, and every once in a while, she would come up and give me a nudge, so I would stop working and pet her. 13 years and 7 months. She was with us for 4 months shy of that. In that time, she did’t bite anyone, she didn’t destroy anything, and showed everyone she came in contact with how loving she was by giving them an endless supply of kisses.

Dakota lived a long and healthy life. We walked her regularly, gave her healthy dog food and plenty of water, played with her all the time, socialized her with other dogs, and took her camping with us. She had a fun, loving and active life. We were truly blessed to have been in her life.

Weathering the Storm

A few weeks later, we were ready to rescue another dog. It took us about 2 months to find Dakota, so we figured it would take us just as long. Well, we were wrong. We started looking on a Sunday, and we found an adorable puppy on the Tuesday. We went out to see her on the Wednesday, in the midst of a rain/snow storm. When we got the rescue, there were two dogs to choose from – one had similar marking to Dakota, and the other was all black, with a little bit of white on her chest and paws. They were born November 15th, so were just under 2 months old, and around 6 pounds. We spent time with both dogs individually and as a family, but we all fell in love with the black one. Her name was Lily. We brought her home that night.

As we were driving home, we started talking about names. Something that was unique, yet easy to say for the girls. Then it hit us… Storm. We drove to get her in a storm, and she was perfect… the perfect Storm.

She is adorable. Storm has a shiny black coat with a hint of white on each paw, and a splash of white on her chest. She has pointy ears, some shiny white teeth, and a very playful personality.

Oral Health Care for Your Dog

Here are a few ways to keep your dog’s teeth healthy:

dog oral health infographic

Twitter Party!

Join us for a fun #DentalifeSmile Twitter party on Tuesday, May 31st at 8pm EST, brought to you by Dentalife Chews. We’re going to be talking about dog dental health, and the best ways to keep your pooch’s pearly whites… well… pearly white! Always remember to visit your vet if you have specific questions about your dog.

Make sure to follow @PurinaCanada, @chancesmommy and @bigdaddykreativ and RSVP below.


There are a total of six (6) prizes available to be won:
• There are four (4) Prizes that consist of a twenty-five Canadian dollar ($25 CAD) Visa gift card and a DentaLife® prize pack including product samples and other gifts for your pet (total approximate retail value of fifty Canadian dollars ($50 CAD)).
• There is one (1) second Prize that consists of a fifty Canadian dollar ($50 CAD) Visa gift card and a DentaLife® prize pack consisting of product samples and gifts for your pet (total approximate retail value of seventy-five Canadian dollars ($75 CAD)).
• There is one (1) third Prize that consists of a one hundred and fifty dollar ($150 CAD) Visa gift card and a DentaLife® prize pack consisting of product samples and other gifts for your pet (total approximate retail value of one hundred and seventy-five dollars ($175 CAD)).

Join this awesome party for a chance to win great prizes from DentaLife Chews. Click here for official Rules & Regulations.

Please RSVP for the party!

To RSVP, simply enter your Twitter handle in the first box (@TwitterHandle), and your url in the second box (

Big Daddy

Disclaimer: I am helping to promote Purina Dentalife Chews and canine oral health care. All opinions are my own.

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