Develop Relationships with a Minimalist Approach

Develop Relationships with a Minimalist Approach
09 Jun 2020

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Minimalism is a way of life that several people are actively working toward. According to a poll by CivicScience, 14% out of 2,900 Americans are actively striving to become a minimalist.

Working toward minimalism stems from several motivations. Some want to take a leaf out of Marie Kondo and get rid of possessions that do not spark joy. Others are concerned about the environment or financial stability.

Minimalism spans a variety of life aspects, from interior design to mental health. However, not a lot of people are aware that this way of life can be applied to dating.

Here are five ways you can simplify your dating life using the principles of minimalism:

1. Focus on dating one person at a time

Minimalism means reducing possessions or items you can do without. The same goes for choosing the person you want to date or start a relationship. You may prefer to date as many people as possible to improve your chances of meeting “The One.”

However, this approach can lead to anxiety and indecision. You might lead to what consumer experts define as choice overload. By setting high expectations with the people you’re dating, you might not end up with any of them.

Simplify your approach by dating one person at a time. Instead of speed dating or swiping potential partners through an app, seek professional matchmaking services that can narrow down your options based on your preferences.

Alternatively, you might need to trim down your expectations. Imagine your perfect partner and give them essential qualities like being supportive and having similar life goals. Remove physical qualities from your list of expectations.

2. Being authentic

The early stages of dating involve impressing the other party to improve your chances of being in a relationship with them. Creating an excellent impression might include buying new clothes and putting on makeup. You might change your personality to adjust to your date’s interest.

Minimalism draws from authenticity, which involves channeling what truly matters to you. Take the risk and be who you are. If your date likes you and your quirks, they’re a keeper.

3. Take your time with the relationship

In your quest to find “The One,” you may want to set expectations with your partner. Be careful with how you do this or if you do this at all as it could end up putting pressure on the other person and causing the relationship to collapse.

Communication, openness, and time spent together are the keys to maintaining and developing a relationship. These things take time. Enjoy the time spent with your partner and make sure your perceptions of the relationship line with reality.

4. Attain mental clarity

We’ve all been guilty of overanalyzing situations and conversations in our relationships. Overanalyzing can lead to confusion and doubt that could result in miscommunication and, ultimately, the end of a relationship.

Minimize your tendency to overanalyze by distracting yourself from these thoughts. Call a friend, read a book, or go for a walk. Redirecting your energy into something positive frees yourself from doubt and worry.

5. Communicate clearly and directly

An age-old saying advises people to say what they mean and mean what they say. By clearly and directly sharing your thoughts with your partner, you’ll avoid misunderstandings. At the same time, don’t misinterpret your partner’s words. If they replied curtly, it doesn’t always mean they’re not interested in you.

Minimalism is a state of mind that lets you prioritize what is essential. Although it’s mostly applied to possessions and mental health, its concepts can be related to dating and relationships. By focusing on what’s important to you, you can find the partner you want and develop your relationship.

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