Experience Mumbai inspired cuisine at Daal Roti Indian Tadka House.

Experience Mumbai inspired cuisine at Daal Roti Indian Tadka House.
10 Nov 2016

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Wendy and I had a chance to check out Daal Roti Indian Tadka House in Mississauga. We sampled many appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.

It was great to see friends Davindra and Sid, and meet Diya from Bestauranto and Jay from Modern Mississauga Magazine.

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Several of the items we tried were not on the menu. Chef Hitesh Rana was introducing us to items that will be added to a future menu. “Daal Roti is an exciting flavour journey through the historic Mumbai region. We offer a grand array of options to satisfy almost every pallet.”

Daal Roti Indian Tadka House is Halal certified, and serve only halal processed meats.

daal roti chef hitesh and payal

Chef Hitesh’s wife Payal helped serve all of the dishes, answered all of our questions, described each dish, and ensured we were well taken care of.

daal roti chicken khurchan taco


We started the night with a chicken khurchan taco. Very tender tandoori chicken, topped with onions, peppers, chutney, and yogurt sauce, all in a soft shell with tomatoes on the side. It was served on a crispy papadum. Absolutely delicious.

daal roti coconut lassi

The chicken khurchan taco was paired with a refreshing coconut lassi. Creamy yogurt, with a subtle coconut taste in a sugar rimmed glass. Yummy!

daal roti rajasthani aloo chat

Our second appetizer was rajasthani aloo chaat, a potato dish with ginger, cumin, pomegranate seeds, and fresh coriander, topped with mint and yogurt sauces.

daal roti hara bhara kabobs

Our third appetizer was hara bhara kabobs, minced vegetables and aloo fritters. These were deep fried ad very tasty!

daal roti chicken mixed grill

Our fourth appetizer was one of my favourites… Chicken Mix Grill. Chicken Tikka, Achari Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, & Chicken Kabab. The chicken was very tender, and full of flavour. The Tandoori chicken was my favourite on the dish, but the others were also fantastic.

daal roti culture of south


Our first main was “Culture Of South”, a unique upma dish using dry roasted semolina, commonly used as a South Indian, Maharashtrian and Sri Lankan Tamil breakfast dish. This savoury version used upma as a base, in shrimp curry. It was fantastic, and the first time I have ever had semolina (wheat hearts) in a non-breakfast or cake form. I loved this dish!

daal roti paneer tikka

Before our next main was brought out, we were served paneer tikka masala. Wendy loved this cheese-based dish!

daal roti onions

Seasoned onions, pickle, and several different varieties of fresh naan were also brought to the table.

daal roti pickle

Nothing like fresh pickle with Indian food!

daal roti lamb spinach rice

Our second main was lamb served over a bed of spinach rice, with a creamy butter chicken sauce. I wasn’t sure how the butter chicken sauce would pair with the lamb, but after trying it, I was old. The creaminess of the sauce, the tenderness of the lamb, and the unique flavour of the spinach rice meshed well together. Impressive!

daal roti daal naan

Our third main was daal tadka. This is one of their signature dishes, served with naan. Being the namesake of the restaurant, I was expecting an amazing dish, and Chef Hitesh delivered. It was amazing!

daal roti goat curry

Our final main was a spicy goat curry. As I was getting full, and am not fond of goat, I initially passed on this dish, as I knew there was still dessert coming. Wendy tried it, and it was too spicy for her liking. Wendy has a limited level of spice she can handle. I eventually tried just the curry part, and although the spice level was high, it was very flavourful.

daal roti butter chicken

However, when the waiter saw that Wendy was struggling with the goat curry, and had heard her say earlier that her favourite dish was butter chicken, Chef Hitesh sent out an order of butter chicken, just for her (but there was enough for 6 people).

daal roti wendy butter chicken

Oh Chef Hitesh… you really know how to impress us! The butter chicken sauce was delicious, and the chicken was nice and tender.

daal roti paan kulfi


Our first dessert was paan kulfi, a dish made with boiled milk and sugar, reduced and then frozen. The best way to describe this refreshing dessert is flavoured ice-milk, that is eaten like ice cream or gelato. Chef Hitesh added rose water to his version, which gave it a pinkish hue, a beautiful aroma, and unique flavour. The paan kulfi was topped with gulkand (rose petals dried and cooked in sugar syrup).

daal roti gulab jamun

Our second dessert was gulab jamun in rice pudding. Gulab jamun is a milk solids based sweet mithai, available at most Indian sweet shops. Think an old fashioned donut hole soaked in a very thin maple syrup sauce (but not maple). Gulab jamun is probably the second most popular Indian sweet behind jalebi. They were delicious, and the rice pudding was a nice touch.

daal roti ice cream

Our third and final dessert was 3 flavours of ice cream, all made in-house:
• dried American fruit
• mango
• rajbhog with mixed nuts

Quite a way to end the night!

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Daal Roti Lunch Buffet

Available Tuesday through Sunday, Daal Roti offers a good selection of soups, salads, appetizers, hot entrees, curry and Tandoori grill, fresh baked naan, chutney, pickles and relishes.

To finish off, you can enjoy Indian mithai, ice cream made in house, and fruit custard.

daal roti ice

Daal Roti Indian Tadka House Location

Located on the northeast corner of Watline Avenue and Hurontario in Mississauga (25 Watline Avenue, Units 16/17), Daal Roti Indian Tadka House is celebrating their 7th anniversary. If you drive by the area, the restaurant is in the corner plaza, and can be seen from the street, if you know what you are looking for. If not, it’s hard to see due to the lack of street signage, thanks to property rules of no signage around the property of the building, other than on each individual unit.


• Tuesday to Sunday: 11:45am – 2:45pm (Lunch buffet)
• Tuesday to Friday: 5:00pm – 9:45pm (Dinner)
• Saturday & Sunday: 5:00pm – 10:30pm (Dinner)
• Monday: Closed

daal roti group of bloggers with chef hitesh

Thank you, Daal Roti Indian Tadka House!

We enjoyed our culinary walk through the Mumbai region of India. Knowing where this little hidden gem is now, we will definitely be back to try more of Chef Hitesh’s menu.

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