How to create a memory book with your kids

How to create a memory book with your kids
01 Jul 2021

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If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that life is precious. As horrible as the pandemic has been, we all need to focus on good things that have happened. With this in mind, now might be a great time to make a memory book with your kids.

What is a memory book?

A memory book is almost like a scrapbook but not quite the same. Scrapbooks are more of a specialised craft, while memory books are much more personal. This is the opportunity to cement the important and beautiful things that have happened over the last year, rather than having a focus on the doom and gloom.

Let each person have a page

One of the wonderful things about this is that everyone will have a different memory of the same thing. If, for example, you had a day trip with your family. One of your children might remember the car ride and the weather, another might remember the food. By allowing each person to have a page, you will solidify their own experience and have a record of their memory for years to come.

Keep it specific

As tempting as it might be to let everyone run wild with the ideas, it would be better to have a bit of structure to the book. Before you begin, you can gather ideas with what you would all like to include in a book. By the time you have collected all of your ideas, you might have enough to fill several books! Pick one of the ideas and focus on it, you can always make other books at another time with the other ideas. You might not be able to get everyone to commit to one colour scheme but you can commit to working on the same idea.

Use the right supplies

We all want our memories to last, so you should consider using the proper equipment when making a memory book. Using crafting supplies which are acid-free will prolong the life of your creation. These acid-free products are designed to last years. How long? There is a good chance, with proper care and storage, your descendants a few hundred years down the line can enjoy your memory books too.

Everything can be customised

Do you like colour? Typewriter font? Glitter? Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, you can add it to the book. This project is not supposed to be a cookie cutter type of deal. Allow your creative side to flow and add in whatever you want to help reflect your experience and your personality. If your personality just so happens to like minimalist decor and tidy lines, then make sure you reflect that part of you. Of course, you can get some inspiration to help bring it all to life but try and let some of you shine through.

Add everything

While you might want to limit the amount of things that you put in, there is nothing wrong with adding a little bit of everything. You can add photos, bus tickets, or anything of interest. These little slips of paper might not seem like much but they can form an important part of the story that you are trying to tell. So, clear out the junk drawer and empty your wallet because you never know how a certain slip of paper will invoke a sense of nostalgia.

Include a journal

If you write or journal, there is a good chance you will have memories tucked away safely within the pages of your journal. You might not be comfortable with sharing the contents with the world but you can take some of the information out of it and transfer it into the memory book. This can be partially wonderful if you have been journaling for years and want to make a memory book about a loved one. You may have mundane details hidden away that in hindsight made cute stories.

The hard times matter too

As tempting as it is to gloss over what has happened, the bad times deserve a mention too. But why should you include the bad times if you are trying to create happy memories with your kids? The act of creating the book is a happy memory in itself, and it will help you to remember the good times. But we shouldn’t ignore the bad times just because they make us uncomfortable.

Use a binder

Creating your book doesn’t mean that you have to use a book. If you want to create a memory book year by year, you could use a binder instead of using a small book. Using a binder means that there is a much higher limit to the amount of pages that you can add.
A typical memory book has around 80 pages. With a binder, you can fit between 75-800 pages.That is a lot of stuff that you can pack in there!

Go digital

If you find yourself with an abundance of photos that you don’t know what to do with, you could create a digital memory file. The problem with this is we tend to hold on to ALL of the pictures. There are tips explained here about how to choose the photos and avoid doubles during the creation process. You can also scan those tickets and other pieces to add them digitally.

Printing service

If you want to create multiple books in a variety of ways, you could consider having a book printed professionally. It is easy to create books using photo websites, and they don’t have to be a random jumble of pictures. There is the option of adding text to the pages so you can tell a story as well as preserve your pictures.

Making a memory book can be a wonderful shared experience. But you don’t have to limit it to just one event. You can create memory books for anyone at any time. These books make great gifts for your loved ones and can help store your family history for years to come.

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