Enjoying Horseshoe Valley Brewing Co’s Cold Water Organic Clear Lager in Ontario’s Lake Country.

Enjoying Horseshoe Valley Brewing Co’s Cold Water Organic Clear Lager in Ontario’s Lake Country.
22 Mar 2017

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I used to drink a lot of beer. Growing up like most 19-year-olds to early 20 somethings, it was all about just getting what we could afford to take to a party, or enjoy while camping with friends. Sometimes, in mass quantities.

My wife Wendy drinks beer and wine more regularly than I do. She enjoys a glass of wine or a can/bottle of beer each day. I like to wait for an occasion… a nice meal, a get together with friends, or camping in the summer.

cold water pouring from tap

Quality over Quantity

As I got older, I learned that quality always beats out quantity. That is not to say I still won’t enjoy major brand beer on a hot summer day… I just prefer the better things in life now.

Over the past few years, my love for quality alcohol and craft beers has grown. I find myself sipping Amaretto and Courvoisier by the campfire, or when fine dining with friends. When we are at a pub or restaurant, I always ask about craft beers, preferably local.

cold water got me a beer

Cold Water Organic Clear Lager

On my recent #LetsGOMaple trip to Ontario’s Lake Country, I got to try Horseshoe Valley Brewing Company’s Cold Water Organic Clear Lager. Brewed in small batches with a 4% ABV, this light and crisp lager is easy to drink, and goes down smooth. Made with locally sourced all natural water, organic malts, yeasts, sugars and hops, Cold Water Organic Clear Lager is vegan friendly beer. That won’t stop me from having it with a 18oz rib-eye though. It is a thirst quencher that combines a simple light beer with what beer consumers have come to expect from a craft beer brewery.

You can find Cold Water at your local LCBO. Enter “490029” in the search bar at lcbo.com to find Cold Water Organic Clear Lager at one of almost 100 LCBO locations. if you are a bar or restaurant wishing to carry Cold Water Organic Clear Lager, you can call (705) 816-BREW, or email Brian at the Horseshoe Valley Brewing Company.

Cold Water at LCBO Oakville

We love discovering new craft beers!

When I got home, I told Wendy all about Cold Water Organic Clear Lager. She had seen the pictures I was sharing on social media while I was away. I promised her we would get some to enjoy at home. Luckily, it is available at one of the LCBO locations in our town.

cold water cheers

Get Social with Horseshoe Valley Brewing Company

Visit Horseshoe Valley Brewing Company’s website to read more about Cold Water Organic Clear Lager. You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

As always, drink responsibly, and enjoy!

Big Daddy

Disclaimer: I was invited to Ontario’s Lake Country, and my samples of Cold Water Organic Clear Lager were complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Like you as I get older I prefer the finer tastes in my alcohol based drinks. No more drinking just for the sake of consuming alcohol. Its better quality drinks for me.

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