Become a Better Writer: Classification Essay Writing Tips and Topic Ideas

Become a Better Writer: Classification Essay Writing Tips and Topic Ideas
15 May 2020

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It’s easy to understand that a classification essay is a paper where you have to classify things, basing on the features they share. Your essay can be about material objects, abstract concepts, real people, or ideas. The topic you select has to be a broad one. But you need to focus on the components it consists of.

Crafting a classification essay might seem like a simple assignment as all you need to do is sort the things out by their common features. Classifications make the subject clearer and more comprehensible. However, it’s easy when things are categorized, but it’s not easy to categorize them. This means you will have to do some research and dig deeper in order to explore the topic from the inside. Sometimes, you may come across stereotypical classes. But studying the topic more in-depth will help you understand whether the stereotypes are fair or not.

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How to Write a Classification Essay

Remember that almost anything can be put into categories, but not anything can become an interesting topic for your essay. Choosing what to write about is hard. Later on, you will find a few ideas to get inspired, but now look through these two writing tips:

Follow the same classification principle.
Your categories should be clear, and each one must refer to a single feature. An object or a concept can’t belong to a few categories at the same time; all groups need to be parallel in structure, which means you can’t add a new category inside another one.

Follow a logical order.
In most cases, you will be able to present each group in a certain order, which will seem logical to the reader, helping them perceive information even easier. For example, if you’re writing about the ways to say “I’m sorry”, you can start with the easiest ones and end with the hardest but the most effective.

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Classification Essay Outline

To write any paper is easier once you have an outline for an essay. A typical outline for a classification essay is the following:

Thesis statement + background information (answer why you want to categorize something)

Category 1.
Topic sentence + explanation + examples (name the 1st category and describe its key features)

Category 2.
Topic sentence + explanation + examples (name the 2nd category and describe its key features)

Category 3.

Topic sentence + explanation + examples (name the 3rd category and describe its key features)


Summary + author’s opinion (summarize the classification and share your own thoughts about the categories)

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Fun Classification Topic Ideas

1) American Presidents

This topic has a great potential – you can group the best and the worst presidents in your opinion or approach this classification from the angle of what each politician was fighting for.

2) Artists

Some people enter the business of art because of the fame, some because of the money, and others because it’s their passion and love. There’s a wide variety of directions where you can go, be it the cinema industry, media, music, or anything else.

3) Places for a perfect vacation

Different people prefer different ways to relax and have a good time – you may like to rock the best clubs in the city, while your friend would rather get away from the buzz to a fireplace in a mountain house.

4) Types of learners

Study famous classifications and educate the reader about them or maybe try to make up your own types of learners.

5) Music

This topic doesn’t necessarily involve writing about music genres. Instead, you can classify music types suitable for different activities or explore how different personality types prefer different genres.

6) Teachers and mentors

One can learn new things and grow as a person in different ways, but teachers play a significant role in this process. Some teachers are very demanding, while others want to become friends with their students. Don’t forget that a book can be a mentor too.

Happy writing!

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