Huge Christmas Household Disasters You Can Avoid

Huge Christmas Household Disasters You Can Avoid
10 Dec 2019

Families spend months every year planning the perfect Christmas. They pick out glorious trees, create delicious dinner menus, and buy incredible presents. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean things won’t go wrong. Winter can wreak havoc on our homes, causing countless household issues. Christmas is an expensive time of year anyway, without adding emergency home repairs to the costs. With that in mind, here are six huge household disasters to avoid this Christmas.

Frozen Pipes

As the temperature drops, frozen pipes become a big issue for households all over. If your pipes were to freeze, they could easily burst, which would flood your home, causing significant damage. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent this. Make sure you insulate your pipes and keep the heating on all day. Leaving your faucets to drip will also prevent the pipes from freezing.

Chimney Fire

House fires are much more common throughout winter than they are in the summer. This is because people light their fireplace more often during these months. Unless you have your fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned first, the flammable byproduct that builds up inside the fireplace could ignite. Setting fire to paper and trash can easily result in a house fire too.

Oven Breakdown

Cooking Christmas dinner will be difficult unless you have an oven. When an oven breaks down just before the holidays, it always causes trouble. Although you can hire an oven repair service, you might struggle to find availability during such a busy time. That is why you should care for the appliance well. Make sure you carry out regular maintenance and also clean your oven often.

Leaking Roof

Roof damage can easily go unnoticed during the summer. After all, the weather is usually relatively warm and dry. However, the moment a storm hits, even a small leak could cause significant damage. For this reason, you must have your roof inspected annually. Find an expert to carry this task out, as they have the experience and knowledge needed to stay safe up there.

Falling Trees

Having your Christmas tree fall over isn’t ideal, but it’s the greenery outside that you should worry about. Winter weather can cause damage to trees, leaving them unstable and unsafe. Just one strong gust of wind could knock a tree over, potentially towards your home. Rather than risk your property being damaged, you should cut the tree away from your home and make it secure.

Rodent Infestation

The weather outside is certainly frightful, which is why many critters would much prefer to be inside. This means that your house could become home to rodents, along with various insects. While you can attempt to prevent pests from entering your home, by blocking any potential entrances, you must have the number for a reliable pest control company to hand too.

Winter is a wonderful time but can cause trouble for homeowners. While many household disasters are unavoidable, there are many ways to prevent the problems above. Hopefully, with this advice, you can avoid unnecessary stress and have the perfect Christmas you planned.

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