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A Series of Unfortunate Events on @Netflix_ca. #Streamteam

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is a Netflix Original series. It’s about three orphan siblings named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. They have an enormous fortune. The orphans have a hard time finding a home after their parents died in a mysterious house fire. The First Unfortunate Guardian The first guardian was Count Continue Reading

Riverdale: Archie and friends come to @Netflix_ca. #Streamteam

Riverdale Riverdale is cool new show on Netflix. The Netflix Original series is based on the Archie comic characters, not the comics themselves. /> Archie and friends The show centres around the teens at Riverdale High. Like the comics, Archie Andrews is the main character. He has a passion for music, and attracts a lot Continue Reading

More than self defense taught in @ralphmacchio’s The Karate Kid. #Streamteam @Netflix_ca

I remember how much of an impact “The Karate Kid” had on my life. Like Daniel, I was bullied, and not just by one kid… but a few. There was always one bully leader, with a crew of mindless followers. The frustration of always getting tripped or called names took it’s toll. While there were Continue Reading

New Year Resolutions, with a @Netflix_ca twist! #StreamTeam

Hi, I’m Rachel, and I am guest posting for this month’s Netflix blog post. This is not my first post on Big Daddy’s blog. I wrote about my school trip to see the Hamilton Bulldogs game in Hamilton. That is my second post. Enjoy! I love Netflix, and watch some of the originals and movies Continue Reading

Binge watch @Netflix_Ca during the holidays! #Streamteam

Our work and family life does not allow us to binge watch in the traditional ways. We tend to find pockets in the week to watch our favourite shows. However, the Christmas holidays have allowed us to watch some new shows that we wouldn’t normally have time for. One of those shows is “Stranger Things” Continue Reading

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