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Workouts, nutrition, meal ideas, smoothie recipes, and the #NewBDK health journey

Healthy Lifestyle: 3 Tips for Ensuring Long-Term Fertility

When you’re getting ready to start a family, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your body and your mind need to be in great shape when you’re ready to conceive, so you can start raising a strong, prosperous family. For long-term fertility and wellness, women who Continue Reading

Sleep Easy: 5 Actionable Tips to Get Rid of Night Sweats

Night Sweats? Yuck! Imagine sleeping and waking up drenched in sweat for no particular reason. Now while some of us have never had such experiences, there is a good percentage of the general population that has gone through it. Night sweats are more common in women as compared to men, especially in those females who Continue Reading

Enjoying cool scents with the @AUKEYCanada Essential Oil Diffuser. #Giveaway

If someone were to ask me a few months ago whether I would ever own diffuser, I would have looked at them funny. That is until I went to Jamaica and got a massage at the resort I was staying at. In the massage room, they had an oil diffuser running with gentle music in Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why CrossFit Outcompetes Traditional Workouts

CrossFit has evolved over the past two decades to become the ultimate high-intensity interval training workout for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. CrossFit’s combination of strength training and calisthenics, among many other exercise disciplines, make it an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to get fit and in shape. While there are many Continue Reading

Health Tracker: 5 Ways Fitbit Keeps Your Kids Physically Active

Keeping Physically Active While you’re always on a shopping round with your kids, regardless of the event, day and time, perhaps its time to buy them something healthy that keeps them on the move. What’s that? You ask. A device solely designed to monitor your physical activity, exercise, diet and sleep, you finally have a Continue Reading

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