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Healthy Lifestyle: 3 Tips for Ensuring Long-Term Fertility

When you’re getting ready to start a family, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your body and your mind need to be in great shape when you’re ready to conceive, so you can start raising a strong, prosperous family. For long-term fertility and wellness, women who Continue Reading

Having the girls over for a @Netflix_ca chick flick marathon! #Streamteam

Last month, Craig wrote about “Having the Boys over for a Netflix Action Movie Marathon”. And it got me thinking… what kind of movies would I watch if I had the girls over? Chick flicks… that’s what kind! The Food Us girls like our wine! Gotta make sure we have red, white (chilled), sparkling (also Continue Reading

How to Create Your Perfect Home Garden (And Keep It For a Long Time)

If you’re anything like other people of the 21st century, chances are good that you feel exhausted and tired chasing goals, working long hours, spending hours in traffic jams, and dealing with lots of routine tasks that are not particularly hard but energy and time-consuming. If that describes your life to certain extent, this article Continue Reading

Is your child on the Canadian False Positive List? @noflylistkids #NoFlyListKids

Just like any other Canadian kid… My son is just like any Canadian kid, bright, bubbly, eager to learn. Except he’s not a kid anymore, and still on Canada’s No Fly list, or what the government calls the False Positive List. This means my son is not a criminal, but however shares a name with Continue Reading

Keeping our vehicles and trailer clean with the Dyson V7 Car+Boat. #DysonOnTheGo @Dyson

There is something about having a new car and wanting to keep it clean. A couple months ago, I got a new car, and have been pretty good about the general cleanliness. But with all of the camping that we have been doing, a lot of dirt gets tracked into the car. As well, with Continue Reading

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