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Fashion: 5 Tips to Style Your Kids When Going Out

Style Life as a parent is a constant rush. With traveling back and forth from school, band and sports practices, trips to the grocery store, and obligatory family functions, it’s no wonder you’re always wondering where the time went. However, just because life as the energizer bunny is not all it’s cracked up to be, Continue Reading

11 Questions with… Deb Balino. @sassandsmalls #bdk11Qs

Welcome to “11 Questions with…”. This edition’s guest is Deb Balino. I have known Deb of Sass & Smalls (formerly babystylista) for a few years and finally got to meet her at a conference last year. She is every bit as genuine, friendly, and bubbly in person as she is online. You can tell from the Continue Reading

Finding Your Zen: 7 Tips to Help A Busy Dad Relax

Busy Dad Being a dad is a tough job… you have a huge list of demands placed on you. If a dad does not learn how to relax, the stress will eventually get the better of him. These 7 tips to help a busy dad relax should help you breathe a sigh of relief. 1. Continue Reading

Get your game on: Top rated tablets for gaming

Gaming on tablets? Yes! Since the turn of the digital age, smart devices such as smartphones and electronic tablets have taken a significant market share in the gaming industry. Even so, electronic tablets seem virtually tailor made for gaming considering their larger size that allows you to experience while gaming. This is supported by the Continue Reading

How Does Classroom Design Influence Students’ Learning Abilities?

Classroom design is an important factor in facilitating a good learning environment for students, and one that helps them increase their learning abilities. Researchers at the Universities of Washington and UC Berkeley estimate that American students spend an average of “11,700 hours of their lives in a school building from kindergarten to 12th grade.” For Continue Reading

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